China granted 228 graduate and post-graduate scholarships for Ethiopian Students

The Scholarships are components of Chinese government “Belt and Road Initiative”

scholarships _ China _ Ethiopia
PM Abiy Ahmed speaking during the send-off ceremony. Photo source: FBC

September 6,2019

The government of China has granted 228 scholarship opportunities for Ethiopian students.  To be specific, it is China’s Ministry of Trade and Economy that granted scholarship opportunities, according to state media sources.

The students are admitted to graduate and post-graduate programs across universities in China; 66 of them are Ph.D. students and 162 students are master’s degree students according to Chinese news source – Xinhua.

Another 172 Ethiopian students are expected to get a Chinese scholarship this year which makes the total number of scholarship for Ethiopia in the academic year 400.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), this year, China has granted 1300 scholarships to students from across 90 countries.

Ethiopia has got a big chunk of the opportunity which Chinese authorities see as indicative of the “strength of the relation between the two countries.

An official send-off ceremony was organized on Thursday at the National Palace.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a speech during the ceremony.  In his speech, he praised Chinese government support to Ethiopia in the areas of human resource development.

“Government is keeping promises of scholarship for students and will continue to work hard to secure scholarship opportunities,” Abiy is quoted as saying.

He also told departing students to return back to their country with the knowledge relevant for Ethiopia and that they should not be distracted by something else.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian, said “Human resource development is an important component in the Belt and Road Initiative and within the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation framework,” as quoted by Xinhua.  Yet, there is more to it according to the Ambassador; “The purpose is not only to build capacity, but also to strengthen people-to-people bond.”

Meanwhile, the European Union has granted scholarships to 60 Ethiopians through the Erasmus Mundus program, and a send-off program was organized in the European Union office premise in Addis Ababa. These master’s level students will be studying in 12 European Union Member countries for two years.

Scholarships _ European Union
Send-off ceremony at the European Union office in Addis Ababa. Source : Waltainfo.

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