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Ethiopia launched online power of attorney service for the diaspora community

Power of attorney service can now be obtained online – for those Ethiopians who are in the United States of America. Gov’t says it intends to expand service to other countries as well.

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September 1, 2019

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia launched an online power of attorney service to the members of Ethiopian Diaspora community, the state-affiliated Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported on last week.

The ministry says that it is “Fast, Secure And EasyPower Of Attorney Service”

According to the report, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community now do not necessarily visit the Ethiopian Embassies in their host country or send correspondence letters so as to process the power of attorney.

The smartphone application “E-POA” is created with the intention to provide a digital service and avoid that inconvenience for Ethiopians abroad. 

They just need to fill out an online form and submit their request.  The ministry said that demand for the service is increasing since the launch of the application which was tested with users from Washington D.C. in the United States of America. 

As well, the ministry said that there are agencies that signed a partnership to work with the Ethiopian embassy and users can pay service charges to those designated entities so that the request could be transferred to the embassy in Washington D.C. 

The ministry has not yet started services in other countries outside of the United States, and it says that it will start the service in four other countries, including Canada, very soon.

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