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Ethiopia changing Education system starting next academic year

Ethiopia’s 8-2-2 education system is phasing out. The ministry is introducing 6-2-4 system starting next academic year.

Ethiopia _ Education System
Tilaye Gete, Minister for Education. Photo credit : ENA

August 22, 2019

The Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday that it will start to partially implement the new education road map starting the next Ethiopian academic year, according to state-affiliated Ethiopian News Agency report.  

The road map is believed to replace the education system that has been in place for well over two decades now. 

It was during a press conference with local journalists that the minister for education, Tilaye Gete, disclosed that decision has been reached to introduce 6-2-4 education system.  In such an education system, students go through six years of primary education, two years of junior school and four years of high school. 

Under the education arrangement to be introduced, students will take a regional exam at the end of grade six and they will write a national exam in grade eight. 

ENA cited Tilaye Gete as saying that “35 newly identified proposals have been incorporated into the road-map during the preceding consultation meetings, out of which 12 items will be implemented in the next academic year.” 

The minister for education also said that the tenth-grade national exam will be canceled starting next year and will be replaced by a national higher education entrance examination which will be administered in grade 12.  

Students could also opt for technical and vocational stream from grade 12 if they meet the criteria for it. 

The system to be introduced starting next year is similar to the education system that Ethiopia had before the ruling coalition came up with an education system intended to support an ethnic political ideology which is also given region based governance structure. 

The existing system is 8,2,2 which means that students spend eight years in primary school, 2 years of general secondary school and two years preparatory [ for higher education] senior secondary school.  

In a related development, Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency closed 18 colleges in the capital Addis Ababa according to Wazema Radio report on Thursday which cited Ethio F.M 107.8 as a source.  They are closed down because of poor quality education. The fate of students who have been these educational institutions is yet unclear. The agency has also closed institutions of higher learning in regions on similar grounds. 

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  1. Subject: Ethiopia changing Education system starting next academic year, borkena, August 22, 2019

    Commentary, 22 Aug 2019 In my rush enthusiasm I interpreted the content of the Article differently in resonance to what I have always had a ‘beef’ about the education system in Ethiopia based on European mentality and objectivity. The same is true with the rest of Africa.

    It is my layman’s opinion that the AFRICAN Child has always been ‘brain washed’ by the European mentality, and far reaching objectivity for the benefit of European long-range plan. In short, the educational system in Africa was never meant for the development of Africa; for African advancement; and for researching the history of Africa itself. Let me digress to another Continent – Western Hemisphere:

    Here it is in my broken narration: After a long period of time, it was found out that the Off-Springs of Indigenous People [derogatorily called Red Indians) were taught [hypnotised] for years and years to lose their IDENTITY for ever. The teachers were none other than the self-appointed representative of the Lord i.e. self-appointed puritan NUNS and their co-operative RELIGIOUS Staff. The Indigenous Child, who was completely separated from his/her parents was never allowed to speak his/her language except English >>> 24 hours of the day, 30 days of the Month and twelve months of the year for years and years and years. Needless to say, the objective was to colonize the mentality of the Indigenous Child. The case was brought to Court and the Indigenous People had their Historic Day in Court and Won. Canada gets the highest praise for accepting the TRUTH and bringing it to the Court of Law. To see the victims – now aged above fifty -sixty or so – expressing their grief in Court with gulf of tears is something that cannot adequately be described by written words.

    Back to Ethiopia and Africa in general: It CANNOT be compared with the above CASE but it is safe to say that the education system in the entire Continent of Africa, was NEVER developed to enhance the mentality of the African Child to know and appreciate his/her indigenous history and civilization. The African Child may not have suffered glaringly like the above situation but clearly the curriculum of Education is tantamount to slow development of mental hypnotism, leading to negative attitude on indigenous culture to be replaced by European civilization – sadly with pride too!!!. Let us ask ourselves: Do we really know about our own history, our own culture and our own way of life of our ancestors more than we do about our knowledge on European History and Civilization? Is it in fact possible to reverse the trend (the criminality) that has been going on for seemingly time immemorial? Can the African Child be saved? Are we not in a vicious circle where the African Child of YESTERYEAR cannot help being a permanent instrument to the destruction of African culture, history, way of Life for ever? Just a question. I STOP here.

  2. The Amhara are doing it even now in this new education decree. They are forcing their language on others. There was no western in Ethiopia. it is not only white people who did it. Blacks did on other blacks too. Amhara did it on all Ethiopian ethnics. As you mentioned about Canada. I did a research on the same topic you are talking about in Canada. Now it is proven it was wrong to conduct the education system on the local people in English. Now they have the right to study in their language, not English. These is now accepted in Canada. Canada gives a big attention for the people to study using their language like all European countries do. The new education road map is wrong and it is repeat of what was done in Canada in the 20th century. They are bringing back Amhara apaartheid like the one which was in Canada back. We must reject this fake, Amhara apartheid road map.

  3. I really support your comments 100000000%…….

    Yes , the entire african youth has been brainwahsed by westerners. They are always devising tactics after tactics to weaken africa and create ways that africans leave their continent and become refugees there, low paid workers in eu and other countries. They have teh socalled asylum and protection propaganda to recrute workers who could accomplish tasks that are not going to be filled up by thier own citizens.

    They are suffering from ageing workers and low birth rate they is why they want us to migrate. BTW, not only we afriucans migrate to another country for econimic or other reasons but they themselves internaly displace d within EU since they have freedom of movement without spending a single dollar for their visa or sth else. They call theselves expats while billitel africans as refugees and economic migrants etc

    you could check this on the rate of illiteracy, poverty ,eu or other wetsren countries citizens living outside their countries and unemployement rate of thier country.

    We are robed for centuries and our edu system is spolied by themselves.

  4. i am really amazed by this educational road map,,, but nothing is mentioned about educational curriculum of Ethiopia is it changed or not.?
    and what about the graduated year in universities and collages is it the similar to the educational system that Ethiopia had before.?

  5. In higher learning institutions of Ethiopia, students are assigned the fields of study (majors) by the faculty against their choice. Students are often assigned fields of study (majors) which they do not like to learn about ,leaving many of us students feeling like being sentenced to learn the subject against their will or else we know we risk being labeled a “drop out” which in many occasions result in breaking family ties and students resorting to begin dangerous journey to go in exiles leaving their country behind vowing never to return choosing to be volunteer slaves to foreigners in foreign lands rather than being traitor bandas brain washed by TPLF into being TPLF’S volunteer slaves that destroy Ethiopians.

    If we make it out alive from the dangerous journey to exile , we realize The Ethiopian educational system quality had been so low there currently are many “educated” real degree holders PROFESSIONALS and non-educated fake degree holder professionals teaching in Universities, working side by side for decades with noone distinguishing who went to school and who did not actually attended school, according to the work they performed.

    The mis education of majority of Ethiopians for the past 28 years had left Ethiopia in close to 40 billions of dollars in foreign debt , believing false histories with hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers dead in civil wars and regional border wars that were being led by unqualified military leaders such as the then “military expert” the now Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself.


  6. This is what I was trying to say : Everyone who needs to get a public service in Tigray should speak and write in Tigrigna . This is the thing what is practiced in the western countries where we live in, US , Canada etc…

    I have met some tourists who insist to communicate with me with thier own language while they are living outside thier country. This implies the fact that we need to pay a due respect to our culture and language . We should not surrender our cultural and linguistic elements to others like the chauvinist amharas who believe amharic should serve as linguafranca of all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia, an old country created and ruled by amhara blood -suckers for centuries.

    I will also happily encourage all tribes to boycott amharic and amharas as holders of outdated mentality responsible for the backward country known for its poverty, superstitious belifes , violence , genocide(red terror), incessant killings within tribes and other ethincs of the same country. Last but not least, western countries identify amhara as slave dealer of its own people for centuries, namely, Minilik II,fasilides and zerayocb for genocide in the name of heresy and other lame excuses.

    Amhara elites were selling packed food donated by Canada and other countries for people who were in the verge of starving to death during Derg regim not to mention the red terror known for massacring a large number of people in Gondor, shoa and other regions . Amhara are not kind for thier own tribal members let alone for Tigray people if they notice they will accede to power and grab a bill, money.

  7. It is nice to read such article but I personally need what should be plausible strategies to be out of such hidden agenda of the Western and even the same mentality within Ethiopia. That means still in 21st century there are group who work day and night to damp their own language, culture, and ideology on Ethiopian nation and nationalities. Albeit this couldn’t be realized ever and never again!!!

  8. can you please specify what is it that is brainwashed other than saying it is brainwashed what is wrong with you people.
    we all have a past but nothing is holding us back now except people like you who don’t understand anything and who is just a victim of the western leftist ideology.


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