Ethiopia changing Education system starting next academic year

Ethiopia’s 8-2-2 education system is phasing out. The ministry is introducing 6-2-4 system starting next academic year.

Ethiopia _ Education System
Tilaye Gete, Minister for Education. Photo credit : ENA

August 22, 2019

The Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday that it will start to partially implement the new education road map starting the next Ethiopian academic year, according to state-affiliated Ethiopian News Agency report.  

The road map is believed to replace the education system that has been in place for well over two decades now. 

It was during a press conference with local journalists that the minister for education, Tilaye Gete, disclosed that decision has been reached to introduce 6-2-4 education system.  In such an education system, students go through six years of primary education, two years of junior school and four years of high school. 

Under the education arrangement to be introduced, students will take a regional exam at the end of grade six and they will write a national exam in grade eight. 

ENA cited Tilaye Gete as saying that “35 newly identified proposals have been incorporated into the road-map during the preceding consultation meetings, out of which 12 items will be implemented in the next academic year.” 

The minister for education also said that the tenth-grade national exam will be canceled starting next year and will be replaced by a national higher education entrance examination which will be administered in grade 12.  

Students could also opt for technical and vocational stream from grade 12 if they meet the criteria for it. 

The system to be introduced starting next year is similar to the education system that Ethiopia had before the ruling coalition came up with an education system intended to support an ethnic political ideology which is also given region based governance structure. 

The existing system is 8,2,2 which means that students spend eight years in primary school, 2 years of general secondary school and two years preparatory [ for higher education] senior secondary school.  

In a related development, Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency closed 18 colleges in the capital Addis Ababa according to Wazema Radio report on Thursday which cited Ethio F.M 107.8 as a source.  They are closed down because of poor quality education. The fate of students who have been these educational institutions is yet unclear. The agency has also closed institutions of higher learning in regions on similar grounds. 

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