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Daughter talks about how radical ethnic Sidama nationalists (Ejeto) ended her 83 years’ old father life

Would Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration hold radical ethnic Sidama nationalists and those who are behind them responsible for the July 2019 attack?

August 19, 2019

Adugna Girma lost her 83 years old father when radicalized ethnic Sidama youth (they are known in the Sidama language as ejeto) launched an attack on July 18,2019.

He was killed in Sidama zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Regional state.

Based on the narrative from Adugna Girma, her 83 years old father was born and raised in the area. It was her grand father who came to the area from another part of Ethiopia. Yet, the attack is carried in a spirit of attacking “invaders” ( usually people from a different language speaking group) as was once the case Oromia and ethio-somali region, among others.

Apart from the illegality, the way her father was killed in the hands of these radicalized groups (ejeto) is truly appalling.

Further more, she says that the attackers brought multiples of 25 liters of gas container (full of gas) which they used to set the residences of the old man, Ato Girma Melka, to fire.

She is not alone. Eshetu Tesfaye, who said that he is from West Arsi zone of oromo regional state, Kokosa district, says that these same groups brutally killed his brother, he identified him as Gezahegne Tesfaye, along with one of his sons ( whom he did not mention by name) in Hagere Selam town of the Sidama zone.

Eshetu is demanding the government to get to the bottom of the incident that claimed the life of his brother and investigate not just those who perpetrated the attack but also those who are behind the attack as mobilizers and coordinators. He also wants the government to take care of he widow of his brother and her five other children.

There seem to be widely held belief among politicized Ethiopians, especially in the opposition quarter and activists, that radical oromo ethno-nationalists worked closely with Sidama youth groups to effect radicalized Sidama ethnic nationalism. That is not verified so far.

What is clear so far, and it is based on confirmation by police authorities as reported by DW Amharic about two weeks ago, is that at least 53 people are killed and 54 others.

It is also clear that a high court in Hawassa released suspected ring leaders of the attack on Friday August 16,2019, on 50,000 bail.

On the other hand, hundreds of radicalized youth that were said to be mobilized to launch the attack on July 18 and in the ensuing few days are reportedly still in jail ( not verified).

What relatives of the victims of the attack plea for is for the government to treat the issue of “rule of law” seriously and hold all those responsible for the attack accountable.

Video shared below is from ESAT

Video credit : ESAT
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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