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The root causes of the incessant obsession by ethno nationalists and tribalists to dissolve Ethiopia ( by Girma Berhanu)

by Girma Berhanu
August 12, 2019

Ethiopia finds itself in disturbingly precarious situation with regard to its ontological security to continue existing as an integrated sovereign state. The current discourses and structural ramifications and institutional basis appear to be the major obstacle for pan Ethiopian nationalism. These are the works of EPRDF/TPLF by design! Ethnic based politics are the culprit for this mess. TPLF is out, Oromo nationalists are in; as we speak a new age of ethnic hubris is setting in as the virus of tribalism threatens to disintegrate and induce a civil war that could shatter the nation like Yugoslavia’.The threat posed by ethnic rancor looms large and forebodingly.

Research lends support to the conclusion that citizen based politics is the best approach for multi diverse cultures like in Ethiopia. Taye (2017 ) rightly pointed out that to remedy this acute systemic illness, the ‘government’ has to stop politicising human diversity and the ethnic federal arrangement in Ethiopia needs an urgent reconsideration before the case moves to the worst scenario. A non-ethnic, non-tribal multi-party democracy has to be established as the only viable option that could more effectively address the typical causes of conflict and guarantee stability, equity and economic development. Birara (2019) noted that today, Ethiopia and Ethiopian identity are cherished, coveted and celebrated more by Jamaicans and other blacks in the Caribbean, in some parts of Latin America and in the United States where Rastafarians live and work than among most Ethiopian young people born under the EPRDF. The TPLF and the OLF and other ethnic fronts have done an extraordinary job degrading Ethiopia and Ethiopian national identity as an Ethiopian deliberately and systematically over a period of more than 40 years.

Balanced intellectuals and well-informed people of all walks of life have been repeatedly warning the madness that ethnic based politicians are engulfed in and politicising the beautiful diversity and long existing interaction and unity of the peoples of Ethiopia. In this short paper I will outline or problematize the root causes of the temptation by some groups or so called activists to dissolve Ethiopia. The factors are interlocking fitting into each other, as parts of machinery, so that all action is synchronized. I argue that the threat for the unity, existence and integrity of this ancient land stems from the following interlocking factors that is ignorance, lack of perspective, self-aggrandizement, deficit moral intelligence, inferiority complex, psychological and personal factors which refer to thoughts, feelings and other cognitive characteristics that affect the attitude, behavior and functions of our mind. These factors can influence how we think and later affect our decisions and relations in our daily life. The ‘personal issue’ requires deeper analysis and extensive observation data.

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  1. Professor, melekte lante becha aydelem, keyekerta gar.

    ye Ityiopia intellectuals, englizegna eyesafen leman yihe tshehuf endemitekem, bemin bekulu niw ityopian yemiredat belen meteyek alebin. Andande yegermegnal ye ityopia websitoch, already eko ityopian kemigodu gar niw yemenenegagerew eko, hulunim dergit ityopia wist kegna yebelete yawkutal enesu yaskemetut niw. Tadia, yihe tshehuf leman niw sinil, maninetu yetefaw lelela ityopiawi intellectual niw, relief endenagegn bemesaf becha niw. 28 amet leityopia iota yametalat neger yelem zimbelo bemesafena leityopiawianoch meret lai lalew lemaygebaw. tadia yihe tsehuf leman niw? le mehuran kehone, meftehe alew wey weys, ayeee belen kuch linil niw. bebezu dereges lai yalenew, tebabren aand neger eyaregin niw? aydelem, eyesafin ayee chigir ale, enelalen kale minim meftehe. minim complain benaderg meret lai andit tebita yametanew neger yelem. Ewnet Nesawchiwoch ke 90 million hezb beltew aydelem gin organized selehonu ena yewech hail selemiyagezachew niw. ityopiawiw aliderajim kale eko 28 amet honual, minim yaderegew neger yelem. awo enezih zeregnochu ewket yelachewem gin mesaria alachew, meret lai eyeseru niw, yegna ewket minu lai dersual? yemininorew eko capitalist mahber wist honen endezih bihon yeshalal belen, leman niw yemininegrew? erasachew yemiyadergutin yemiyawku, eyaderegutim eyalu, ityopian lemiyaferarsut yewech hail niw? Weyes, kuch bilo yemiyanebew lelaw ityopiawiw intellectual niw? 28 amet mulu endezih senetsef neber gin andichim iota leityopia albejem. esu becha aydelem, le Nesawchiwoch yebas bilo, enkuan linideraj kerto, benesu eyetekefafelen beye diasporaw enegenalen. ahunim, meret lai mesrat ena tebabro aand neger madreg niw. yemeslegnal libachin yawkal ageritu min aktacha lai eyehedech endehone, wedednim telanim, tekebelenewal, even yougoslavia eta ityopia bidersatim.


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