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Activist Mekonnen Doyamo says Sidama radical group Ejeto is a tool for radical Oromos

August 5, 2019

Some political observers in the country seem to think that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is dominated by radical ethnic Oromo nationalists.

Most of the violence and displacement in the Benishangul and Oromia region and south Ethiopia linked to this group in one way or another.

Activist Mekonnen Doyamo is an ethnic Sidama who has been living in the United States for decades.

In a remark regarding the political crisis in south Ethiopia, he says Ejeto, a radicalized ethnic Sidama youth operating in the region whose leader is reportedly in custody following the attack the left more than 53 people dead, is a political tool for radical Oromo group. Watch his interview.

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  1. Good reads for those ethnic mad dogs that want to bath in blood the country and how their propoganda aligns with the expansioniinst colonizers of the old times. Knowing history in it’s raw will wake up the blind youthfrom slaughtering or behind slaughtered by being manipulated by the tioday’s Joseph Goebbels likes (aka Jawar and Co and their lies)


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