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Unverified video: Why do they tell me to hate Amhara, my husband? The works of ODP

August 1, 2019

From Burayu to Legetafo, from Sululta to Buno-Bedele massacres what seems to be clear is that it is the works of radical ethnic Oromo nationalists elites and brainwashed unquestioning followers.

In the video below, which we can not verify the source, an ethic Oromo woman who is married to an ethnic Amhara man speaks about her ordeal due to the deliberate hate campaign and attack on ethnic Amharas.

“I am an Oromo and married to Amhara, and have children from him. Why should I listen to the propagation that I have to hate Amhara?” she said. Watch the video below.

Video: from YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from video

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  1. she must be paid to witness for amhara even if it is not uncommon to see Interethnic marriage in Ethiopia or somewhereelse;

    Thank you

  2. No, she is not paid.unless you are one of Oromo who hate Amahra, hating the Amahra has been the propaganda since the 1960’s. I wfm not Amahra and I don’t hate the people. But I heard the propaganda .

  3. The article below was right to the point

    The question is how one can claim as theirs when it is everyone’s based on half history of the region. This only back fires back in Promo children and future generations as no one will have peace without being just with its cohabitating peoplea. This agenda only is useful for the elites who manipulate rather that the general population.


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