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Mustafa Mohammed Omar : The narrative that paints Amhara people as an oppressor is wrong

July 27, 2019

Mustafa Mohammed Omar, acting president of Ethio-Somali regional state, and about 100 of his entourage were in Bahir Dar in the week of July 15.

In his speech to members of Amhara regional state council, he said that he that “we [seemingly a reference to the ethnic somali party he is leading] do not accept the narrative that paints Amhara people as an oppressor, not out of a motive to gain political gains but because it is fundamentally wrong.”

Needless to say, his, and probably his party’s, political view with regards to Amhara people demonstrates a stark difference to the narrative advanced by radical oromo ethno-nationalist who employed the view a means of political mobilization for a political motive.

Watch Mustafa’s speech below.

Video: Embedded from Amhara Mass Media Agency YouTube channel
Cover photo: screenshot from the video

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  1. It’s nothing weird, and that”boring phrase” was coined by “bitten” Tplf calves, some 26 years ago and that “mr. mustafa”, is newly singing it now. But, he has to ” be careful” of his Belligerent-Speeches of such kinds.

  2. Mr Mustafa is a statesman that Ethiopia needs for peace to prevail in the country.Truth be told.
    How can the people of the least developed region be the oppressors of people in other regions?
    In a real world that can’t happen, but it did happen in Ethiopia. Tigray People’s Liberation Front labelled the Amhara People as oppressors and used them as scapegoats for all ills in Ethiopia. It terrorized them for 27 years and uprooted them from their ancestors’ land. 3.5 millions of them went missing in the latest census. The crimes committed on Amharas by TPLF and its affiliated groups are too many to list and hard to believe. All that was done to steal their lands.

  3. Apart from that, Amharas are not labled as oppressor. Rather, they were astonishing people who defeated invaders of outsiders, in the history of today’s Ethiopia. Thus, remarkable combats like Gundt, Segele, Maichew, Adwa were the least event that battles carried on. Being adjacent to tigrai, those people had encountered bitter problems in sweeping out invaders of the then history, organizing and encouraging the rest of it’s brother Ethiopians from all corners. So, what’s wrong with us about these people? Instead, we need to PLANT a new family hood of ETHIOPIANISM, marching abreast to our Great Leader Dr. Abiy Ahmed..!

  4. Somali region is where all ethiopians live together . And his speech I hope reflects that..but I would like him to be more pro active bringing all ethiopians together. His next stop should be tigrai and afar who have issues with Somali region . He played important role during oromo Somali conflict.
    And brought peace between them. So he keep visiting other regions as well.

  5. Amhara are butchers of this modern world as well as horn of africa, every body knows what so called Amhara king’s
    masscre,inhumanizing,and other atrocities to the other people nearly 5 centuries.
    So, know Amhara must obey other ruling communities other wise they will pay the praise


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