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SEPDM suspended Hawassa city, Sidama zone and Hadiya Zone authorities

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July 25, 2019

Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) disclosed on Thursday that it has suspended senior officials of Hawassa City, Sidama zone and Hadya zone.

The executive committee of the party which issued a statement said that it vehemently condemns unconstitutional actions in Sidama zone which resulted in the loss of lives, destruction of properties and psychological wounds to people in the zone.

The executive committee has ordered rehabilitation work to be launched immediately to help those affected by the violence.

While recalling that past evaluations revealed that the security crisis in the region is related to the “leadership system”, the party said that the role of the leadership was significant in the security crisis in the region.

Explaining why the leaders are suspended from the party and government positions, the executive committee of the party said that senior leaders in Hawassa city and Sidama zone had roles in the violence in Hawassa City and rural areas of Sidama Zone.

SEPDM also believed that the security of people in Hadya zone was endangered due to the leadership of the zone.  The executive committee also said in its statement that similar tendencies of violence are being observed in Keffa and Wolaita zone and warned that they will entail accountability.

The party also called upon people in all parts of the region to stand on the side of the government in an effort to prevent illegal activities and actions.

Unconfirmed sources in social media said leaders of Sidama Zone and Hawassa city are already arrested but no other news sources reported about it.

It is to be recalled that the government imposed a state of emergency like situation in Southern Ethiopia, reportedly with the request of the regional authorities, after the regional government was unable to maintain law and order, and protect the safety and security of people following the Sidama Zone incident which led to the death of at least 60 people, according to Sidama opposition groups.

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