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Dr. Konte Musa says “there is no servant leadership”

July 24, 2019

Dr. Konte Musa was one of the speakers in the Addis Weg talk organized by the office of the prime minister in the town of Dire Dawa.

He revealed a secret, as he said it, that he is a native of Dire Dawa, although he is Afar in terms of ethnicity. He grew up and went to school in Dire Dawa. He was even asking the audience if they are familiar with a certain school principal from his school time in the town.

As regards to his twenty minutes speech, he is of the view that there is no servant leadership in Ethiopia.

He also criticizes tendency to see some political parties that work with the ruling coalition, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (TPLF), as “agar” parties which translate to “supporters.” He argues that they need rather be seen as a part and parcel of the party and as key players.

Konte is one of the leaders of Afar People’s party. He returned to Ethiopia after the “change” in Ethiopia.

Watch the video below to listen to his full remark ( in Amharic)

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