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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed arrived in Eritrea for a two-days working visit

Ethiopia _ Eritrea _ Abiy _ Isaias
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afeworki. Photo credit. Eritrea Ministry of Information.

Ministry of Information of Eritrea
July 18, 2019

Asmara, 18 July 2019 – Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, arrived in Asmara in mid-morning hours today, 18 July for a two-day working visit.

President Isaias Afwerki accorded warm welcome to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy and his delegation on their arrival at Asmara International Airport. At the welcoming ceremony, Presidential Advisor Mr. Yemane Gebreab and Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mr. Redwan Hussien were presented.

President Isaias Afwerki and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met at State House in the afternoon hours of today and discussed on the further enhancement of the all-rounded cooperation between the two countries as well as regional and other matters of mutual interest.

Accompanied by President Isaias, Prime Minister Abiy and his entourage visited several development projects and construction work on the Nefasit-Decamhare highway.

The Ethiopian delegation includes Minister of Finance Mr. Ahmed Shide, Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Mr. Shumete Gizaw, and CEO of the Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewelde Gebremariam.

For more information about this report, check out Eritrea’s Ministry of Information page.

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  1. Dr. Abiy, the weakest leader ever!!

    Abiy has to explain and be transparent about the cause of his travel to Eritrea. After setting up Ethiopia on fire his going and back as things are normal and peaceful shows what his mission is.

    At the same time it can be translated as that he is happy with the outcome of the Amhara region, Amhara leaders that were killed by his death squads, and setting the fire to the Southern people of Ethiopia in order to further the radical Oromo separatist OLF cause.

    Time is so crucial for all Ethiopians to come together and defeat the radical Oromo separatist at every level. Do not become preys for those ignorant greedy thugs. ODP is part of it. Instead of giving orders, it is taking order from OLF and Jawar.

  2. abiy is a babyfaced the complete ethipic version of Mohammed Dagolo, Hemeti, Sudan dictator.

    Abiy is doing the task given by other divisive and conspiring foreigners. He is enemy of ethipians .

    He should be thrown to the verge of death and condemnation along with the long time killer mengistu.

    I couldn’t find another notorious killer like him as of my life on earth. Those who claim he is a perfect leader , messiah or call him a saint by putting a halo around his head , they are enemies of ethiopians as well. I am not surpriused, sinec theere are many evil people who are regarded as saints by their guillible fans . YOu can study history of some culte leaders who promote child slavery , human sacrifice and sex tourism in the blanket of church. Ahmed is not an exception.

    TThe Blood of ethipopians, pouring down in every corner of villages by mercenaries and radicals, , is a sacrifice for Abiy Ahmed to enjoy his regime as a an archetype of saddist demagogue leader we have ever seen in our time.

    • Dear martha do you mean god of war and violence which your ancestors were worshiping ? These gods could bless him unquestionably since he is doing the work of evils. I have no doubt!

  3. All results of the investigation so far are suggesting there was no “coup” except a fight that seemed to represent a “coup” ,while the real cause was just a fight over a woman named Desta Assefa , she was General Asaminew Tsige’s legal wife .

    The whole thing reminded many of the investigators, the late Kinfe Gebremedhin’s fight over Azeb Mesfin.

  4. Will there ever be good leader for ethiopian. Always complaining
    Fist derg mengistu hailemariam every one said he represented Amhara
    Second meles every one said he represented for tigray
    Now Dr abiy he is doing bad things for the benefit of Oromia.

    What I want to know is do ethiopian respect each other.

    You just like to complain all the time you people warste enemy of your self.

  5. Abiy is our messiah sent to ethiopia from heaven. Please donot belittle our leader .

    Are you insane ? We amharas are the true children of Adam who was created in Gojam and lived there until he was subjected to, sin. Gojam is a province feeding the whole ethiopians; It is aland of honey and milk? Don’t you know that ?

    take care


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