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Adwa center construction in the capital Addis Ababa kicks off

Adwa Center _ Addis Ababa
Adwa Center building design. Credit: Addis Ababa City Administration

July 17, 2019

Addis Ababa City administration embarked on building Adwa center today in the heart of the city, reported the state-affiliated Walta Information.

It will be constructed on land that was earlier given out to the Ethiopian born Saudi Billionaire Mohammed Ali Al Amoudi’s company Midroc Construction but was taken back this year by the city administration.

The structure is intended to commemorate the victory of Adwa and patriots. It will reflect the history of the victory in its entirety, according to Walta Information report.

Adwa center building will have a museum, a meeting hall with a capacity of over 2000 people, three smaller auditoriums with a capacity of 400 people, Cinema Theatre, Library, Gym, and Childcare center, among other things.

The Chinese firm, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation, is expected to complete the construction within two years time, Chinese news source Xinhua reported on Wednesday.

Design of the building features the letter “A”, and it is unclear why the Addis Ababa city administration did not want to feature the Ethiopian Geez script letter “አ” instead.

The Battle of Adwa was fought between the invading Italian colonial army and Ethiopia under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II on March 1, 1896, and Ethiopia emerged victoriously crushing Italian army which was better armed than Ethiopian side.   

Adwa Victory is considered as an African victory for it is the first African victory over European colonizers and it has reinforced African countries struggle against their colonial masters.

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  1. Is it now necessary to waste so much needed money for a building, which in a long run bring so much controversy?

  2. Thank you PM, Abiye. Among the list of your accomplishments, this one is the icing on the cake in your mission to restoring the dignity of Ethiopia. Thabo mbeki, former President of S.Africa has a lot to say about this. Forge forward, and do not let the narrow minded, all talks distractors get in your way. When they do, baffle them with your intelligence.

  3. We will see and learn what objective history about Adwa they will put in the museum on a war so many Ethiopians have sacrificed their ancestors. It is another travesty of history time will tell. On regards to the shape of the building being Latin A instead of Geez one is a staring remarkable one. It is already a joke on history that the latin A of the Italians was chosen for the building just because arbitrary pseudo professor hating everything Ethiopian choose to adapt quibe for afanm promo. They may argue that the letter አ in geez is deficult to achieve for the architect but they could have chosen a common symbol for all from all those of different ethic background that sacrificed their lifes to repeal the Italian aggression. It comes to my mind a gasha could make a good symbol for all and may be easy to achieve for the architect. Or they could even use a regula rinimalist building for the museum. It including the Latin A in the museum is going back in time to infuse the Oromozation of quibe written in Latin word for digestion and brainwashing of future generations. Probably the whole reason of the museum could be for ODP to put their own version of history. People should examine closely every part of the exhibition just as respect for all those who sacrificed their lifes for us and all Africans to live free as humans today. The reality of today’s life could have been totally different and obscure if Adwa and the world wars were not won by the current winners. Ethnical politics should never make a mock out if it and people should scrutinize it zealously.

  4. It is a shameful project!! Tens of thousands of old, poor women and children are homeless in Addis Ababa. PM Abi Ahmed just sleep only one night in their place so that you may feel how much they are suffering. Make your priority the humans.

    • We, Ethiopian Peoples Support Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s Work! You can’t just come in here and talk a bullshit like that. I mean who the fuck do you think you are ha’ ? You can’t tell us what to do OKAY!!!!


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