ADP says “TPLF is trying to exploit the current situation to cover years of crimes”

Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) calls up on sister parties and partner organization to continue to struggle to retain gains of the reform movement in Ethiopia

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July 11, 2019

It was on Wednesday this week that Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) organized a memorial service at Sheraton Addis for three senior party leaders who were slain on June 22 in the office of the region’s president when an armed group, allegedly coordinated by Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, stormed it during a meeting.

And it was Wednesday that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) issued a statement after concluded a meeting regarding the current situation in the country. In the statement, TPLF blamed ADP for the assassination of Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Seare Mekonnen and his longtime friend – Brigadier General Gezai Abrea, which happened barely three hours after the assassinations of two ADP leaders, Ambachew Mekonen and Ezez Wasse, (Migbaru Kebede was not dead at the time.)

TPLF’s statement had a provocative tone. It said it is difficult for TPLF to work with ADP (both are members of the ruling coalitions) unless the later accepts responsibility for the killing of the chief of staff, General Seare, and his friend.  TPLF also wanted ADP to ask apology from the people of Ethiopia.

TPLF’s statement, needless to say, has angered ADP leaders who seem to still mourn the deaths of three of their colleagues and the chief of staff. The statement is available here.

ADP executive committee was having a meeting and this time felt, apparently, that it should ignore the provocative allegations from TPLF.  In a statement it issued on Thursday and making a reference to TPLF’s statement, ADP boldly asserted that “TPLF is exploiting the current situation in the country to cover up the crimes it had committed for years.”

ADP also said that it has ignored TPLF provocations in the past out of respect for the people of Tigray and stated that TPLF is responsible for the problems in the country.

It also accused of TPLF indulging in plot politics out of the pursuit of selfish motives of the party. ADP called on the people of Tigray not to succumb to TPLF’s effort to divide the people of Tigray and Amhara who share history, culture and religious values, and are intermarried.

ADP is upset by TPLF’s tendency to characterize Amhara people as “chauvinists” which the party sees as part of TPLF’s plot and has called on Nations and Nationalities, and sister organizations to continue struggling for the reform measures.


Reaction to TPLF’s letter was more of outrage. That is not the case with ADP. Most Ethiopians in social media hailed ADP’s measured, in their words, response to TPLF statement.

Yet, there are critical voices that seem to be concerned about the war of words between the two member organizations of the ruling coalition, EPRDF, for they tend to see it as “an indication of possible civil war.”

There are also few voices in social media – seemingly supporters of ADP – who think that ADP should have discussed its own internal affairs rather than discussing TPLF’s statement and indulge in exchanging “insults.”   

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