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Ethiopia’s Defense Force to sue individuals, media for spreading hearsay

Major General Mohammed Tesema _  Defense Force Photo : FBC
Major General Mohammed Tesema. Photo : FBC

July 8, 2019

The Ethiopian Defense Force said it has finalized preparations to sue individuals and media organizations whom it says are engaged in spreading hearsay, defamation and false information, The Ministry of Defense disclosed on Monday, as reported by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation. 

Major General Mohammed Tessema, Director of Indoctrination Division in the army,  is cited as saying that “enforcing the rule of law has become the Defense Forces’ key mission.” 

In a press conference he had on Monday regarding the situation in the country, he said that the Defense Force undertook the task of restoring stability and peace following the killings of senior government officials in Bahir Dar and Chief of the Defense Force in Addis Ababa. 

He added that the Defense Force is also working with other relevant government authorities to hold those who participated in the killing and suspects accountable. 

A task force is established at the national level to identify as to who was behind the killings and what the motive work, Major General Mohammed noted. The Defense Force is working on it as well, he said. 

Individuals and organizations “who are working to create mistrust between the army and the people” through the dissemination of “false information and hearsay have been identified, and that the Defense Force will bring them to justice, according to the Director of indoctrination division of the army. 

However, the names of the individuals or media organizations who are allegedly involved in such activities are not disclosed.  

Apart from that, the army is also hunting what it called “terrorists” working to bring about conflict along Amhara and Benishangul regions of Ethiopia, and that they will be brought to justice, according to Major General Mohammed who is cited by FBC. 

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  1. Sue them …hopefully they as well as others will learn a lesson or two. They should not be allowed to trample and infringe upon others rights.

  2. Most people were cohereced to go in exile outside the country the day after they were pardoned and freed from prison , most did went in exile outside the country since they had no job prospects or a place to live upon their releases,all these only to end up being bombed by Airstrikes while living in refugee Camps in Libya .

  3. I hope the government will make sure this does not go the old way. No action when the Amhara are attacked but sever reaction when the Amhara start organizing or defending itself

  4. Is hard to stop doing things that one has been doing for a long time. why would the military wants to bend back-word to sue individuals and media ?

  5. The constitution must be respected anyone that goes against the Constitution deserves to be sued,

    The Constitution allows Sidama to be it’s own region.
    We Sidamas say after July 2019, nomore Amara hegemony in Sidama since after the end of July 2019 we Sidamas expect to elect our president and become one of Ethiopia’s regions, we expect to lead ourselves. We Sidama people want to rule ourselves. From now on nomore Amara colonialism in Sidama, we donot want to live under Amara rule from nowon. We want to be our own state, led only by our own elected Sidama officials.


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