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Ethiopia approved over 386 billion birr budget for next fiscal year

Ethiopia _ budget
Ethiopian Parliament. Source : ENA

July 8, 2019

The House of People’s Representatives of Ethiopia approved over 386.954 billion birr (which is about $USD 12.4 billion) budget for the upcoming 2012 Ethiopian fiscal year (2019/2020), Ethiopian News Agency reported on Monday.

There was no dissenting voice as it was approved unanimously.

It was in an urgent session that the parliament approved it which was submitted by the Council of Ministers.

This year’s budget is higher by 40 billion (or about 12 percent) compared to the budget for the ending fiscal year.

In terms of breakdown, 109.468 billion birr is operating one (or regular budget as it is called in Ethiopia), 130,710 billion birr is for capital projects, and 140.775 billion birr is subsidies to the nine regional states.

Sustainable Development Goals has got 6 billion from the budget.

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