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Hagos Gebrihwet loses 5000 meters Diamond League title to Yomif Kejelca as he celebrates victory at the wrong time

July 6, 2019

What happened at this year’s IAAF Diamond League in Lausanne in the men’s 5000 meters race is bizarre.

Hagos Gebrihwet was leading the pack in the final rounds and he thought he won the race and started to celebrate as the bells were ringing. In reality, there was one more lap.

Yomif Kejelcha seized the opportunity and cruised his way to the finishing line to claim the title. What happened to Hagos there after? He had to settle for tenth place.

Hagos Gebrihwet is an experienced athlete and the mistake he made sounds weird in that sense.

What is consoling for Ethiopians is that the winners of the Diamond League are Ethiopians. It is in fact a race dominated by Ethiopians.

Finishing times are as follows, according to IAAF Diamond League :

Yomif Kejelcha, ETH, 13:00.56, First Place
Selemon Barega, ETH, 13:01.99, Second Place
Telahun Haile Bekele, ETH, 13.03.09, Third Place
Habos Gebrihwet, ETH, 13.09.59, 10th Place

Video : embedded from the YouTube channel of International Association of Athletics Federation Diamond League (IAAF Diamong League)
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Sorry young man!!! It reminds me of that American football player who made an interception and run for a touchdown but before he crossed the finish line he was caught up into wild celebration and a player from the intercepted team was able to knock the ball away from him costing a touchdown. You don’t celebrate until the hardware is firmly in your hands. Next time, go out and win it all to make us all proud!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Poison sowing Teferi, you are wasting your time. your poison is of nil effect. Ethiopians are now getting aware of the evil quensequences of racist animosity.


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