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Vladimir Putin says Russia determined to strengthen partnership with Ethiopia

Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia  _ Putin
New Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia, Alemayehu Tegenu, presenting credential to President Putin at the Kremlin. Photo source : FBC

July 4, 2019

Russia is determined to strengthen partnership with Ethiopia, Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).

It was on the occasion of the presentation of the accreditation letter of the new Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu that President Putin spoke about his country’s strong interest in taking bilateral relations with Ethiopia to the next level.

The reception ceremony for Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu and 17 other newly appointed Ambassadors to Russia took place at the Kremlin Palace, Alexander Hall, in Moscow, as reported by Ruptly TV. 

Pointing out that Ethiopia and Russia have diplomatic relations for over 120 years now, Mr. Putin expressed Russia’s strong interest and determination to strengthen regional, international and bilateral relations.

Ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu on his part said that he will work to strengthen the relation between Ethiopia and Russia during his tenure as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Russia.

The Ambassador expressed his hope that he will get the necessary support during his stay in the country.

Russia and Ethiopia  reached agreement in the energy sector in 2018 when and Russia is to develop nuclear facilities for Ethiopia for energy  purposes. 

Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin, started his job in Ethiopia in May 2019 and he is a fluent Amharic speaker. Watch his interview in Amharic here.

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  1. Subject: “New Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia, Alemayehu Tegenu, presenting credential to President Putin at the Kremlin. borkena July 4, 2019

    Commentary, 4 July 2019
    …. and so, it goes without saying, it will also go to the good old USA. So too to the European Union. So will to any coutry that tries to BENEFIT from the lopsided relationship with Ethiopia. That is the norm of interenatinal relationship! It has always been so for time immemorial. Ethiopia must look after itself for the benefit of its own people – without being antagonistic to other Nations. The game is to be smart.

    In such a game, Ethiopia cannot afford to be antagonistic to EACH OTHER, due to internal-sociological differences, and become enemy of each other, thus shredding each other into pieces. If that is the intention of Ethiopia, the field is wide open to prove the already proven phenomenon that eradication of each other requires >>> no thinking >>> no education >>> nor any sort of knowledge.

    By the way, the consequences of such a catastrophe will not be restricted within the geographical boundaries of Ethiopia. It is just like blazing fire next to neighbours’ houses. May the Good Lord, somewhere up in Heaven, have [for a change] a little passion of mercy to his faithful , obedient Black African People. THE END

  2. What MrMs rezen urged to comment is vague to me. It’s natural assigning ambassador in every nation, so what is wrong with that? We Ethiopians should feel that we maintained a great opportunities and flickering hope that is pledged by the famous leader of our world, Mr. Putin. He remarked that he will make a strong bond with our nation. And that, nowadays, is very important to secure Ethiopia in every circumstances.


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