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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission gets Daniel Bekele as new commissioner

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is a registered not-for-profit organization in the country

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission _ Daniel Bekele
Daniel Bekele

July 2, 2019

The House of Peoples Representative of Ethiopia appointed on Tuesday Daniel Bekele as Chief Commissioner of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.

Daniel will be replacing Dr. Addisu Gebreegziabhier who served as chief of the commission.

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), the parliament picked Daniel Bekele from among 88 candidates.  He is selected on grounds of his academic background and work experience and he has taken an oath before the parliament.

He has experience in the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit sector, and a Ph.D. degree in international law from Oxford University.

His profile at Human Rights Watch shows that he worked as Senior Director for Africa Advocacy, and was working from New York. He has also worked as Executive Director of the Africa Division for about five years between 2011 and 2016.

In Ethiopia, in the private sector, he practiced law partnering with Abebe Worke & Associates and also served as legal department head of United Insurance Co.

In the not for profit sector, he has worked with organizations in (or from ) the west including OXFAM, ARTICLE 19, Freedom House, USAID, The World Bank, and PACT.

Daniel was arrested in Ethiopia following the 2005 national election under Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated Ethiopian government before he worked with Human Rights Watch.

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  1. My personal message to Ambassador Fitsum Arega’s government is, Incase I pass away , Ambassador Fitsum Arega or any other politicians from Ambassador Fitsum’s government are not wellcome to lay a foot over my grave as Ambassador Fitsum.Arega did over Dr. MLK Jr.’s grave in Atlanta , USA recently. I consider it as I died again if Ambassador Fitsum or any of Abiy Ahmed regime members including the new commissioner Daniel Bekele stepped over my grave , as I am pretty sure Dr. Martin Luther King turned in his grave twice when Ambassador Fitsum Arega stepped over his grave to lay down flowers recently . I am about to include in my will a clause that states something similar to “No government official of Abiy Ahmed’s regime is allowed to stand over my grave.” Just incase I pass away before I include this in my will I want my human wish to be respected by you , so do not step over my grave.

  2. The Amara kilil has been under siege by Hilawi Yosef and Bereket Simon types of non Amara officials for the sole purpose of lieing ,stealing and killing Amaras . Even Bereket Simon while in custody is not charged for his crimes against Amaras until today .because Bereket Simon was the boss of Abiy Ahmed that got Abiy to become the INSA spy.

    Amara had been suffering from genocide ethnic cleansing Crimes Against Humanity since 1991 until now.

    Amara had been forced to be hated by other Ethiopians because of false histories manufactured such as the one that claimed the Konso tribe member Mengistu Hailemariam, is an Amara tribe member or the ANOLE story.

  3. Most people were coerced into going in exile outside the country the day after they were pardoned and freed from prison , most did went in exile outside the country since they had no job prospects or a place to live in upon their releases,all these only to end up being bombed by Airstrikes while living in refugee Camps in Libya .

  4. Tigrais soccer team named Mekele Seba Enderta had won Ethiopia’s premier league championship 2019 because the volunteer slave , Abiy’s regime is mass arresting other ethnicities.


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