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Amhara region police commissioner speaks out on the alleged coup d’etat

Amhara region police commissioner says there were “minor” omens about the tragic incident that unfolded in Bahir Dar on January 22, 2019.

police commissioner _ amhara region
Abere Adamu, Amara Region Police Commissioner.

June 26, 2019

Amhara region police commissioner , Abere Adamu, appeared on Amhara Mass Media Agency Television to share updates regarding the alleged coup d’etat and the situation in the aftermath of it.

Asked if the security situation is now better in the region, he replied that there is reliable peace in the region, and that the region’s security is working with Federal security forces to restore stability and the situation is now under control.

The commissioner called the incident shameful and described the Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, who is allegedly behind the tragic incident, as a mentally deranged person.

Regarding the participation of special forces in the alleged coup d’etat, he said that most of the special forces who took part in the incident were not aware of the intent of Asaminew Tsige’s move. The commissioner also claimed that 178 of those who are involved in the alleged coup are detained. Only 5 to 6 special forces are yet to be detained.

In addition, the commissioner hinted about the fate of the regions special forces. “People and government respect the region’s special forces. They were organized to solve Amhara people’s security problem and to pay in life to that end. People should not be suspicious towards them,” said the region’s police commissioner.

Abere also confirmed that four high ranking security officers including Bridagier General Tefera Mamo are in custody until the investigation is completed and they will be released soon if they are not involved in the “coup d’etat” in any form.

In terms of casualty, in addition to the death of the region’s president, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, his advisor Ezez Wasse and the region’s Attorney general, Migbaru Kebede, 13 people are killed and dozens wounded. From the region’s security forces, six are killed and four are wounded. From the side of special forces who were allegedly mobilized by General Asaminew Tsige, seven are killed and dozens wounded.

AMMA journalist posed a question if the region’s security force had a clue about the incident before it happened. Abere Adamu’s response was : “there were minor omens and we were on the verge of acting on it.” It is unclear why the region’s police determined that signs were not significant enough to act preemptively.

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