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Head of Amhara region peace and security General Asaminew Tsige reportedly killed

-It is unclear if government forces were unable to arrest General Asaminew Tsige rather than killing him. -His death could possibly heighten skepticism regarding coup d’etat narrative and the motive of prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in Amhara region of Ethiopia. -Migbaru Kebede reportedly passed away

Asaminew Tsige _ Amhara Region
The late Asaminew Tsige. Photo : Social Media

June 24, 2019

General Asaminew Tsige who is allegedly involved in what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration call “coup d’etat” in Amhara regional state is reportedly killed.

DW Amharic cited Amhara region police commission to report that General Assaminew was killed after he was shot by security forces. What time he was exactly killed and under what circumstances seem to be blurry at this point in time.

He had been serving as head of peace and security of Amhara regional state until the government-linked him to the recent incident in Bahir Dar including for the killings of regional authorities, President Ambachew Mekonnen, his advisor Ezez Wasse and Migbaru Kebede who died of his wounds in hospital on Monday, according to reports from credible sources.

General Asaminew Tsige is reportedly killed in a place called Zenzelma which is located on the way between Bahir Dar and Gonder.

There is a tense situation in Bahir Dar, the seat of the Amhara regional state, and there are also reports of exchanges of gunfire also it is unclear as to who is involved in it. What is known is that Abiy Ahmed’s Administration has deployed defense force in Bahir Dar and its environs. It is also clear now that there is growing skepticism towards what Abiy Ahmed’s government and some members of Amhara Democratic Party officials call “coup d’etat” – the incident that unfolded on Saturday evening.

Asaminew Tsige was released from prison in 2018 after nine years behind the bar. He was thrown into prison on alleged grounds of organizing a coup d’etat against the government of the late Meles Zenawi’ administration.

On Saturday, January 22, 2019, Chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Seare Mekonnen, was killed in his residence along with a close friend, General Gezai Abera. The Ethiopian government has linked the killing to the “coup d’etat” in Bahir Dar while a growing number of politicized Ethiopians tend to rather see it as a piece of evidence that the alleged coup d’etat in Bahir Dar was rather an orchestrated plot by Abiy’s government to disband special forces in Amhara region and systematically weaken Amhara Democratic Party leadership.

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  1. ilil asaminew tsige yesiltan timegna lesiltan sil tedfa Jegnaw seare gin letegaru sil bewegenochu sim new yemotew

    amhara tigren lematifat hulem endedolte new , our enemy of all the time and regadless of georgraphic boundary

    • Dr. Abiye is a ruthless killer that he learned from the late Prime Minister Melese when he was working under him. This assassination plot orchestrated by Tigran People Liberation Front (TPLF) and Dr. Abiye finalized when he visited Mekele about a week ago. His long term plan is to weaken Amara Regional government which is a threat to him and TPLF. He eliminated those who loved their country, served their country like General Asaminew and Dr. Ambachew. The problem of using the blueprint of the late Prime Minister Melese in today’s information world would be problematic to keep hidden the truth for long. Soon or later the facts will come out even though he closed the internet connection throughout the country since the assassination plot two days ago. Abiye eliminated the most intellectual and highly skilled Amara region officials systematically. When he gave a press briefing, he forgot to remove the sign that showed he was in the Amara city of Bire Dar where the assassination took place obviously he was leading the killings. General Asanubew the so called “coup leader” didn’t kill his own people, he loved Ethiopians, he served his country, he worked very well with Dr. Ambachew. He never had a chance to step in the meeting he planned with Dr. Ambachew. He was assassinated by Dr. Abiye special force beforehand. The truth will come out soon for the world to know. Justice for Amara people! God bless Ethiopia and her people!

  2. The whole incidence is a very sad event. A brother on brother carnage has been the contemporary history of that gem of the colored during the last 45 years or so. When I think such ugly scene where one brother turning on another brother is finally coming to an eagerly awaited end, now this! Who in the right mind celebrates this senseless bloodshed? This is what happens when humanity loses its reasons and level heads become a rare commodity. Such senseless carnage would not in any way help further the accord for that wretched farmer or dirt poor urban dweller in its tens of millions. Not at all!!! But what it does and is doing as we speak is contaminate the environment further making the efforts harder for those who work 24-7 to right the wrong bedeviling that nation for decades now. It is very sad indeed.

  3. Mengistu Hailemariam need to be investigated and held accountable for his role in the recent Coup De Tat’ attempted against Abiy Ahmed’s government.

  4. Let’s time tell who food what and why was done. Nothing can be hidden for long time and for an incident as large as this one. Someone and somewhere knows what exactly went on that day and someday that will come to light. From combing several back interviews of the attributed ring leader one can not conclude that the guy is extremist in anyway. He may have anger and is blunt for asking Justice for recent terrorising masacres in his region but from that to actually attribute the decapitating the region leadership is beyond imagination to believe. He may have rag tag militias that went wild but for a trained militar that two weeks was talking in VOA about the need measured response from the federal army in dealing with local security issue turned on excecutor
    of of unarmed newbiee regional leader is difficult to reconcile. Trained military value life more than anyone else including politicians or Facebook warriors. One thing that is not clear is at what point the army started involvement in the matter. Internet was closed for more than a week before the event and looks the army was ready to jump in right when the supposed assault occured. Perhaps was there for almost a week struggle to arrest the alleged coup leader under other pretext?. Also is the killing Addis really the work of the supposed ring leader with a sucidal mission? What if the play was the other way around. What if the generals in Addis did not want to approve the army intervention and their supposed killer was actually in their side defending them when the three got executed. The government should invite independent investigators to come out clean from these. Also the perpetrators that caused masacres in North Showa and elsewhere still have to be brought to justice with or without the alleged coup leader as his main complaint to the regional and central government was the lack of Justice in those areas and therefore his call for self defence. If the government starts cleaning up extreme ethnic war lords it has to start to do it also in other regions where the number of internally displaced persons have soared relative to the Amhara region because armed groups are operating with total impunity. How the government handles this events will test it’s credibility and reveal its ultimate long term aim. God take care of all Ethiopians on these dark, treacherous and difficult times.

  5. Don’t know what to make of this..This should not have happened. Not now.

    Abiye has to muster all the will and strength and act urgently to restore peace…otherwise, the end is near.

  6. Abiye is the creator of all this happened in our country time will tell us
    General Asamenewe Tsega is not killed his brother any ways if its not Abiye involved with this
    why he needs to shut down internet phone and so
    why he choose that ?

  7. PM abiy ahimed give the order to kill the top leaders of amhara region and after that they assimilate the event as coup learned from earliest pm meles zenawi .even if the top leaders are killed they never stop the over all amhara people resistance .
    stand all amhara for resistance ! stand for freedom of amhara ! amhara for amhara

  8. Thank you searching the truth.the reason is why Amhaha live peaucifully the primimister and TPLF old officals work together to recontinue mass arrest,killing displace, and make Amhara loyal to him this is the dangerous path of Amhara people, this is funny politics Promo libration front leaders live in lexury hotels Amahara nationalists goes to grave or prison.Finnany I say general Asamnew and the late our hero’s Are fully assassinated by Federal government.fact one they immediately expose and blame General Asamnew fact two laweyres describe the occasions are not coup d’etat since he did not try to control media. There is systematic elimination of Amhara intellectuals and hero’s .So the Amhara peoples should stand together and to avert this narrow ethnic coalition of TPLF

  9. Add your commen the information realsed from pm office is compleatly false and irrational ,pm abiy ahimed kills all government leaders to keep his secreat and to disturbed Amhara peeaoples


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