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Yemane Gebreab optimistic about the future of Eritrea and Ethiopia peace. Watch video.

Yemane Gebreab remarked building peace takes time and a lot of work

June 20, 2019

Eritrean high level delegation has arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday. Yemane Gebreab, Eritrea’s political affairs head and adviser to President Isaias Afeworki, was in the delegtion.

In an interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), he recalled that it was during Eritrea’s Martyr Day speech that President Isaias announced his decision about sending peace delegation to Ethiopia.

He also said that Osman Saleh, Eritrea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and himself met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Two issues were raised during the meeting, according to Yemane Gebreab. The peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia and there seem to be common understanding that it is going well.

They also discussed about measures that need to be taken to strengthen the relation between the two countries, and also between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Yemane also said that the peaceful relation between Ethiopia and Eritrea brought about positive impact and spirit of cooperation in the Horn of Africa.

“No one expected that peace between the two countries will prevail in such a way. It is the result of decision of the two leaders and also the decision of the peoples of the two countries. It is a big measure,” Yemane Gebreab remarked.

He also remarked that building peace takes time and a lot of work. Watch his remarks from the video below (in Amharic)

Video : embedded from FanaBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. You would not believe the admiration I have for these two people of the same blood and flesh. Their industrious attributes is not that secret. Just look at them. Look at them everywhere. The intricacies of engineering and technology? They are in it and a heck of a job at it. The maze of business and finance? They are in a thick of it. They come here, Europe or Oceania just a shirt on their back and nothing but holes in their pockets and you see them reincarnating long dead rundown neighborhoods back to life into bustling city blocks. Just look what they have done to former crime and drug ridden hoods in DC, LA, Chicago and many other cities in the rust belt. We Ethiopians and Eritrean are natural born honest God hustlers. We are the only successful alchemists who turn rust belts into shinning diamonds. Now some of you might say ‘Ittu, you are now being too Ethio-Eritreo-Centric’. I say to you, what about it? What I said here it is something I can back it up!!! These two peoples are diamond in the rough. The sky is a limit if they are left alone to find their mojo. I love them both. You know why? They are my blood and flesh!!! That is my long held conviction and there is nothing, nothing you can do about it. Way to go my kin and kit!!!!!!

  2. Please read that as:

    The intricacies of engineering and technology? They are in it and DOING a heck of a job at it.

  3. we need Young and fresh present like Etiyopiya was did. look the deference between them they are to old and noting did in the past 28 years expect killing peoples still nothing change they mast go

  4. That’s the news….this is not a new thing.we made a peace with Ethiopia so what ????
    Were is the peace for eritrean.
    We need peace not to share politics
    We need peace not share business transaction
    We need peace not to cross border…..
    We need the truly peace we Eritrean to live on our own country .

  5. One thing that I don’t understand is why Abey is dealing with this criminals while he knows that this blood suckers have so much blood in their hands.
    It’s more than that you can imagine how much blood Isaias Afrworki has on his hand!

    Please wake up Abiy!

  6. One thing that I’m having difficulty to understand is why Abiy has to deal with this criminals who has so much blood in their hands while he knows the truth.

    Isaias Afworki is one of the most criminal you can ever find in Africa. He jailed and killed his own people (Eritrean), his own friends (Minsters), religious people and so on…

    Abiy, when they come to visit you actually need to arest them and give them to the Eritrean people who deserve justice.

    Abiy, please you need to wake up!

  7. Agame, your days leading Ethiopia are over.

    Now with TPLF dead and buried, Ethiopia & Eritrea can cooperate for mutual interest


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