Abiy Ahmed moves to unite the protestant church in Ethiopia

In footsteps of his subtle intervention to make peace in the Ethiopian Church and Ethiopian Muslims affair, Abiy Ahmed is working on reconciling Ethiopia protestant churches

Ethiopia protestant churches _ Abiy Ahmed
Abiy Ahmed during discussion with protestant leaders on June 20, 2019. Photo credit : OPM

June 20, 2019

The office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia disclosed today that the Prime Minister held a discussion, in his office, with 400 protestant church leaders.

Based on the disclosure from his office, the meeting is just like one of those meetings that he had with religious leaders, teachers, artists, health professionals and those in the legal profession, among others.

The meeting is informed by the objective to resolve internal wrangling within the protestant community. In that regard, the Prime Minister recommended the formation of a 15 members committee to iron out the difference and unite the churches.

In the past, Abiy Ahmed initiated and coordinated a mediation effort to unite leadership within Ethiopian Muslims and also within the Ethiopian church, also known as Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo church. And he was successful in both efforts. 

According to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the discussion helps to strengthen unity among various evangelical church leaders.

He told protestant church leaders that religious institutions need to respect the difference “magnify the things they have in common and work together.”

He also told the leaders that they need to be a role model for their followers, and discharge their responsibility in solving problems that Ethiopia is facing.

The country has been facing ethnic violence which led to the displacement of over three million people and for the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

Participants of the discussion on their part raised issues of concern for them including bureaucratic one which they say are experiencing in the process of obtaining and renewing license. They also raised issues of what they called intervention in the affairs of their faith.

The first protestant churches were established in Ethiopia as early as 1951 and the first group of protestant missionaries in Ethiopia are said to be from Finland and Sweden.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is said to be a follower of a protestant church. His predecessor Hailemariam Desalegne was protestant church follower, too. 

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