EPRDF executive says lack of leadership determination aggravated problems in Ethiopia

Executive resolves that the leadership needs to work in accordance with the law so as tackle challenges that Ethiopia is facing

EPRDF executive meeting _ Ethiopia
EPRDF Chiarman, Abiy Ahmed, and Deputy chairman, Demeke Mekonen. Photo : EBC

June 18, 2019

Executive Committee of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), held a meeting on June 17, 2019, and has passed decisions.

As is often the case, the committee discussed the current political situation of the country, evaluated works over the past year and identified measures to be taken to solve problems that are challenging the government (the difference between the ruling party and government is rather blurry in the Ethiopian situation).

Lack of determination among the leadership, security problems, confusing journalism and activism with the role of politicians are some of the issues that the committee, which is composed of nine members from the four major ethnic parties that constitute the ruling coalition, has identified. 

The party evaluation in regards to what it called lack of determination among the leadership is that it has resulted in problems (security and political seemingly) to be unending which should otherwise have been cut short, according to a statement published on Tuesday in the social media account of the ruling party. And the committee passed that this problem has to be fixed sooner rather than later.

As well, it has decided that leadership at different levels of the administrative structure has to observe principles and laws in solving challenges unfolding in different parts of the country.

For the committee, the challenges related to political questions are happening at the same time. Lack of strong and neutral government institutions, lack of consensus on common and national affairs and lack of productive government administration have created problems to resolve those challenges.

In addition, the party disclosed that issues surrounding the state, national governments, and democratic questions are becoming bolder and need to be addressed in a shortest possible time.

In view of the party, the challenges are also negatively impacting the task of building a multi-party system. In that line, the ruling party evaluated that opposition parties are facing problems related to institutional capacity and lack of clarity of political agenda, apart from the high number of political parties; EPRDF believes all those issues have affected the move to form a multi-party system.  So the party believes that there are additional works that need to be done in that direction. The party has also viewed the importance of civil societies in building a democratic system and has said that there are works to be done.

The destination of the ongoing “change” is building a democratic system and neutral institutions and ensuring a unified and democratic country.

In mid May of this year, the party executive discussed national security issue.

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