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Andafta Media report on Creating Greater Tigray at the expense of Ethiopia

June 8, 2019

Andafta Media report talks about a project of creating Greater Tigray by incorporating Eritrean lowlands. While some tend to view the topic as trivial, others do seem to take it rather seriously.

Had it not been for President Isayas Afeworki’s government, TPLF could have gone a long distance long that direction – according to the report. Watch and share your thoughts in the comment section below the video.

Video : Embedded from Andafta YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. the only way such a pipe dream can be accomplished or actualized, is if eritrea is weakened or somehow taken over by tplf-puppets, and if ethiopia is weakened to the point that it could not defend itself/its territories. i am sure the amharas would bravely resist it too, but they do not have the same armaments (quantity/quality) that tigray has (and it stole that from the ethiopian defense force, obviously).

    • Donkey you call youself oromo , neftegna ,a rat in the starbucks and living on the alms and rations from US tax payers.

      We donot claim that your old fake country will be destroyed but we donot give a shit for you we work for our own goodperiod

  2. what a great idea. this is th ebest solution. the amhara can join their brothers the oromo. the two tigreans can unite. then we can have peace. we will be good neighbors.

  3. Wow. This make perfect sense. I love z idea. Tigrinya should unite to make one single country. No more Ethiopia, it is not good for Tigray. We cant live with uncivilized people who hang others or who wear penises on their heads. If Amhara want to join us later, thats also good. But first tigray-tigrinyi. Then l ater peace with Amhara.

    • This is your intention to systematically teach people your dream of annexing Eritrea.

      You, Ethiopian, better think introduce quality governance that eliminate racism, poverty, inflation and unemployment.

      It is better to think mean country, that detter migration, and national debt.

      • Dove,
        You have two choices for Eritrea. Either you fall under Muslims, ho are now majority or you unite with your tegaru brothers. Tigray also has two choices. It is landlocked so either it makes peace with Amhara or unites with tegaru eritreans. If Tigray chooses Amhara, Eritrea will be part of Amhara soon, as they will now have borders in zalambessa. If you are a Tigrinya in Eritrea, you better align with tegaru before times runs out on you. So simple. Try to think 7 moves ahead in chess, not just thee move in front of you which is a sure way to put yourself in checkmate.

  4. Tigray People allways dreaming Eritrea is always your funeral as your fathers. Now no war against you it’s just with nerve gas stop at once as we had done in Asseb buri idiots.

    But befor you speak about Eritrea have you tought about Walkait Amaras toritori. Go heal idiots.

  5. Separation seems easy quick-fix, but it only drives you crazy once you wake up from your deep sleep of hatered and illusion. Because we are created interdependent. Should you keep on filling your mind with such weaked n backward stuff as ethnocenterism…be sure you’d only end up bearing bitter fruits of civil war, migration/displacement, poverty n premature death.
    Should you keep on filling your mind with such blessed n foreward stuff as universalism/humanism…be sure you’d bear fruits of love, inner piece, prosperity n sovereignity.
    It is all about what you opt to fill your mind with.
    Choose what to think


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