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Nekmete Grenade attack injured 7, Soccer player shot to death

Wondwossen Yohannes  _  Nekmete Grenade attack
Wondwossen Yohannes was apparently shot to death. Photo : FBC 

June 6, 2019

Nekemte city soccer player is reportedly killed on Wednesday around 7 p.m. local time after a grenade attack in Fact Hotel. At least seven other people are injured although it is unknown if the injuries are life-threatening. The victims are currently getting medical treatment in the region.

The soccer play that is killed in the attack is identified as Wondwossen Yohannes.  There were gunshots following the grenade attack. However, it is unclear why he was targeted or if he was killed because he was in the wrong place, and in the wrong time.

Nekemte, a town in Wollega zone of Oromo region in Western Ethiopia, town communication officer Almaz Tadele told Deutsche Welle Amharic service that the soccer player died from a gunshot.

Perpetrators of the attack are not identified yet but an unspecified number of suspects are in custody and under investigation, according to Almaz Tadele.

An armed faction of the radical Oromo Liberation Front, under the leadership of Jal Merro, nom de guerre, operates in the area, and it has disclosed that it will not cease its armed struggle although the political wing of the organization has officially declared that it does no longer have any armed group operating in any part of the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

On May 29, six people were killed in a grenade attack in Amphilo Mugi, Qelem district of Wollega region – an incident over which the armed group and government traded accusation.  While the government claims that the grenade attack was carried out by Jal Merro’s rebel group, the militant group, on the other hand, claims that the armed group is behind the attack.

Meanwhile, acting president of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, Shimeles Abdissa, held a discussion on Thursday with leaders from the four zones of Wollega region – one of the most insecure parts of the country.

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) report, security matter in the region is one of the agenda items for the meeting.  He reportedly told leaders from the zone that ensuring security and peace in the region is the responsibility of government and leadership at different levels in the region need to be determined to end lack of peace in the region from the source.

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