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Eid al Fitr celebration, record high turn out number

This year’s Eid al Fitr celebration is special as Ethiopian Muslims also celebrate their unity and peace.

Eid al Fitr _ Ethiopia
Record high turn out at Eid al Fitr celebration at Addis Ababa Stadium. Photo credit : Addis Ababa Administration

June 4,2019

Ethiopian Muslims celebrated the 1440th Eid al Fitr holiday across the country. In the capital Addis Ababa, it was celebrated the city’s stadium. Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council President, Mufti Haji Omar, and Addis Ababa city’s acting Mayor, Takele Uma have attended the ceremony, among other dignitaries.

“This year’s Eid is marked by unity and peace,” Mufti Haji Omar told hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered at the Stadium, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). He cited the role of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in forming peace and unity committee for Ethiopian Muslim and expressed his gratitude.

“It was unprecedented in the history of the country that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed prepared an iftar evening,” he added making a reference to the Iftar evening organized at the Millennium Hall on May 22.

He went on to say as to what makes this year’s Eid prayer a special one; “Christian brothers and sisters” have cleaned prayer places for Eid Salat and he called on for the respect and unity to be nationwide.

Turn out during Eid prayer in the capital Addis Ababa is said to be a record high today and police reported no incident, what so ever.

Ethiopian Muslims launched a civil rights movement some seven years ago to oppose government intervention in the affairs of Ethiopian Muslims.  A 17 members committee was organized with a mandate to search for a solution. The government reacted by arresting prominent members of the committee and charged them with alleged terrorism. It even went to the extent of doing a documentary film entitled “jihadi harakat” to incriminate the committee members. They were tortured and forced to confess under duress the charges.

The committee members were released from prison after the ruling party decided to “broaden the democratic space” and release political prisoners. Now, some of the committee members are appointed to the truth and reconciliation, and Identity and Boundary Dispute commission, among other things.

When Prime Mnister Abiy Ahmed appeared the grand iftar evening at the Millenium Hall on May 22, he told the crowd that they are now allowed to have Islamic bank in the country.

As well, he pledged them that he would support construction of a grand mosque in the capital Addis Ababa.

Indeed, this year’s Eid-al-Fatir is special for Ethiopian Muslims.

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  1. Currently Addis Ababa is the 84th largest city in the world. What is being done now In Addis Ababa got a tremendous effect in the demography of what will take place in the future of not only Addis Ababa but in the future of all of Ethiopia. The future is in a question mark with internally displacing actions of calculated demography change actions taking places, the future of the country in one piece is highly questionable. Demography change is the early stage of inevitable ethnic cleansing that will result in a never ending civil conflict breeding ground for terrorism.

    The city of Addis Ababa is expected to be the 20th largest city in the world with 35 million people living in Addis Ababa by the year 2100. Ten times larger than the current population of 3.5 million within six decades from now. The current Federal City government who says is working about the future got plan to put the foundation now for their elite club’s supporters to live in Addis Ababa by the year 2100 where othes build the infrastructures for them to enjoy their old money.
    Meaning just in eighty years from now the population of Addis Ababa is expected to grow more than 10 times larger from the 3.5 million population it got right now, it is evident that all of ODP hopes to make their colonialist partners to own as much as possible of these 35 million residents of Addis Ababa in year 2100 . The other ethnicities especially AKA Menilik sefari are expected to get pressured and be pushed out in the next 60 or so decades.

    The seed of demography change and deception that is being perpetrated by the ethnic federalist bandit got far more complicated severe consequences than what Engineer Takele or Dr. Abiy claim it does . Ethiopia is turned into a failed state so their colonialist partners own Ethiopia for cheap.

    The infrastructure of Addis Ababa is not keeping up with the growth of the population . Infrastructure need to be able to sustain the close to on average 57 youth migrants mostly Querros that migrate every hour to Addis Ababa from the outskirts. Since there is not enough infrastructure to accommodate the Querros, ODP is thinking of giving Addis Ababa to Querros and in turn chase the residents to outskirts of Addis Ababa.

    • The habit of Infrastructure development is the most important habit Ethiopia or even East Africa as a whole needs.Unlike the Sudanese government where Khartoum is expected to be the 6th largest city in the world by the year 2100 with the population growth reaching up to 56 millions residents, the government of Ethiopia is aware Addis Ababa will be the 20th largest city in the world with a population of 35 millions residents by the year 2100. That’s why the Ethiopian government is currently working to build infrastructures in Addis Ababa. Even South Africa is developing Addis Ababa’s infrastructures so people don’t migrate to South Africa from Addis Ababa in search of infrastructures . Currently the foundation is being laid to build infrastructures that sustain the 242 millions of Ethiopians that call Ethiopia their home by the year 2100, only within eighty and a half years from now.


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