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Teachers staged demonstration in the Amhara region

Teachers in Amhara region of Ethiopia want government to address their economic, social and professional questions. They also opposed killings and displacement of citizens

Pictures from Teachers’s demonstration. Photo : AMMA

May 31, 2019

Teachers have organized a huge demonstration in numerous cities in the Amhara Region, which is mostly located in central, north-central and North Western parts of Ethiopia.

Bahir Dar, Gonder, Dessie, Woldia,  Debremarkos, and Debre Berhan are some of the towns where protest demonstration was organized. 

From the way the protesters organized their protest and from key messages in the protest, it seems that they did not want their demand to appear like a demand for a pay increase. Rather they framed it as a question of pay equity and fairness. 

They are demanding fair pay and an end to pay differences for similar educational qualification.   As well, they opposed that the pay increases they get every two years should not end and that there are no pay adjustments for educational professionals, among other demands. The protesters also demanded that the government address their questions as quickly as possible. 

Professional freedoms of teachers and policy implementation of land allocation for constructing houses for teachers were also raised by the protesters. In that regard, they seem to think that they experience intervention in carrying out their profession. They need educational institutions to be free from religious and political intervention. 

With regard to the land issue,  protesters seem to oppose corrupt practices in the allocation of land for residential home construction for teachers. 

Teacher training practice in the region, according to protesters, is also problematic and they asked for uniformity and opposed that no one should be a teacher without completing required training and obtaining the certification for it.   

As far as the situation of the country is concerned, protesting teachers loaded their voice against killings and displacement of citizens. 

Protesters also chanted slogans calling for the government, seemingly the regional one, to deal with lack of good governance. 

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