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Ethiopia getting as many as 400 sniffer dogs to enhance security check at Bole International Airport

Sniffer dog
Source : Daily Medical News
Sniffer Dog

May 31 ,2019

Four Ethiopian government bodies have signed an agreement to on ways to deploy sniff dogs at Bole International Airport as additional security measures, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Friday.

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority which is under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Ethiopian Airlines and the Federal Police signed the agreement have signed the agreement in the afternoon, according to the report. 

Ethiopia has never used sniff dogs before and it is now needed to combat drug trafficking and to protect endemic wild lives not to leave the country illegally. 

FBC report added that as many as 400 sniff dogs will be imported from  The Netherlands.  Security officers will be given training in how to work with Sniffer dog for up to  3 months. 

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  1. Dogs are haram .In Islam It is s sin for Muslims touched by a dog’s nose.Muslims aren’t allowed to.have any contact with dogs.

    To stop the war for food , Zamzam Bank drafted a policy to regulate the food market in the main cities of Ethiopia.
    It is said to be that currently the food market in the city of Addis Ababa is the most chaotic since the distribution channel between the farmer and the consumer is controlled by Hailemariam Desalegn & Co.

    Food is unaffordable even for the upper class family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Only a single person with upper class income is in a position to afford food.

    That is why Quoshe’s moldy rotten spoiled food was being sold for patients at Black Lion Hospital’s club restaurant in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia . Employees , patients and visitors ended up getting diagnosed with various diseases due to the food they consumed.

  2. Dear Borkena Ethiopian News, Please make a correction of the number indicated in the news, “400 sniffer dogs”, they are only four (4 sniffer dogs) that Ethiopia is planning to deploy in BIA. I don’t think FBC says 400 in their face book page post and even in the news they broadcasted in radio and tv.

  3. Sending an request of corrections for News on May 31 ,2019

    Regrading the Ethiopian Wildlife conservation Authority (EWCA) had a signed
    programme on memorandem of understandig with the mentioned Government Sectors about the sniffer dog applying program at Ble Internationale Airport is a good News indeed.

    The reason why is, illegal wildlife and there product trafficking is the fourth dangerous smuggling products in the world as per Ethiopia were signed International Union of Conservation of Neture (IUCN) convention protecting and safeguarding wildlife and Nature is Mandatory.

    meanwhile, Bole Internationals Airport is one of the world class air port with millions of transition passengers annually and as per the EWCA wildlife trafficking controll Department every year finds a type of wildlife products and cups of chests, lions…etc.

    To avoid such kind of illegal trades and keeping the image of the country anf the famous Air lines working together is a crucial and this is the three years sotrong promote of EWCA.
    , indeed this is Good News but your media is by refers of FBC made the news Wrongly as follows:
    1st there is no mentiond in the signed documents the number of sniffer dog and where they belongs,
    2nd the signed programme is a promise to work together the mentions Government sectos and no time to when it will start this is proactive process.
    3rd Correction should be on “EWCA by now it is an Authority, under forest, Environment and Climate change Commission, not under Ministry of Culture and Tourism .
    If you do not mind try to correct your post as soon as possible because relaibel information will exel the media loyalty as well as Customer loyalty.

    EWCA Communication Affair Directorat

    June 5, 2019


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