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Balderas council responds to Takele Uma’s move to demolish houses

May 29, 2019

As Takele Uma’s administration, whose legality is resisted, is poised to demolish thousands of houses in Addis Ababa on alleged grounds of “illegal settlement” – a move that is expected to leave hundreds of thousands of residents homeless – Baladera council has issued a statement today.

Leader of the council, Eskinder Nega who was a prisoner of conscience until he was released last year, argues that the existing city administration was not elected by residents and major decision like demolition need to wait until after the election for city administration.

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  1. The files of over 10thousands of houses that were demolished 3 years back were submitted to the PM office before a year soon after Dr. Abiy took office. But no response was given till date, they told us it shall be communicated soon after any decision is given by the PM. But now the AA city administration is announcing the demolishment. Are we really citizens of Ethiopia? Oh, I know it is better to wait for God’s Justice.


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