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Seemingly clandestine attack in Debremarkos University left a student from Tigray dead

Debremarkos University temporarily suspended classes after a graduating student was beaten to death on Sunday.

Debremarkos University _ Ethiopia
photo source : Abay Media

May 28, 2019

What looks like a clandestine attack at the University of Debremarkos, in western Ethiopia, left a student dead and three others seriously injured.

The student killed is identified as Seare Abraha and is said to be from Shere Endaselassie, Tigray, in northern Ethiopia, according to a report by Amharic service of BBC. He was a graduating student of economics.

Desalew Getnet, Debremarkos university’s public relation, and communication directorate told Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) on Monday that Seare Abraha was killed on Sunday around 10 a.m. local time.

Body of the victim is sent to his parents in Shere Endaselassie.

The security problem in the campus started on Friday around 5 p.m. during dinner time and there was commotion. Three students were attacked on Friday.

Those who perpetrated the attack reportedly wore masks and fled the area soon after unleashing attacks. It is unknown as to how many individuals, it is still unclear if the attackers are students, were involved in the attack but seven suspects are in police custody and an investigation is underway- according to Desalew Getnet. The motivation of the attack is not known either.

“So far, the cause of the security problem is unidentified,” the University’s PR told AMMA.

On Saturday, the University had two events; a convocation ceremony for medicine students and a panel discussion on investment.

Meanwhile, students were protesting in the campus chanting slogans for the release of arrested students and demanding an end to the “killings of brothers in Dire Dawa,” Desalew told AMMA.

Classes are temporarily suspended following the death of Seare and the University administration had a meeting with Students on Monday. The agenda item was the identities of perpetrators which is not yet determined.

Students have raised security concern during the meeting and mood of sorrow is reining in the campus.

Communications Affair Office of Tigray regional state has issued a brief and sober statement in which is said that it is following the matter seriously and working with relevant authorities to hold those responsible for the killing accountable.

Killings of students in University campuses in different parts of the country has become a recurrent problem and much of it, at least before the incident in Debremarkos, seems to have a lot to do with radical ethnic politics.

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