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Eritrean Independence Day Celebrated in Eritrea’s Embassy in Addis Ababa

Celebration at the Eritrean Embassy in Addis Ababa. Photo : MFAE

May 26,2019

The 28th anniversary of Eritrean independence was colorfully celebrated at the premises of Eritrea’s embassy in Addis Ababa today (May 25) in the attendance of members of the diplomatic corps and invited guests.

On the occasion, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, H.E. Ambassador Birtukan Ayano said the celebration of Eritrean Independence Day here in Addis Ababa has been the result of the historic rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The State Minister described the exchange of visits by the leaders of the two countries and the people-to-people ties over the past year as indications for the strengthening of relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

She further reiterated the continued commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to work for the institutionalizing of relations between the two sides.

Eritrea’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, H.E. Ambassador Semere Russom expressed his satisfaction over the celebration of Eritrea’s Independence Day in Ethiopia, the first such event after twenty years.

The Ambassador expressed his country’s commitment to work for the strengthening of relations with Ethiopia and the promotion of peace and stability in the region.

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  1. Subject: “Eritrean Independence Day Celebrated in Eritrea’s Embassy in Addis Ababa
    MFAE, May 26,2019”

    Commentary, 26 May 2019

    Miracle: Eritrea celebrates its independence day in Ethiopia!!! In the face of the 30-year vicious war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, during 1961 to 1991, plus the the three years of Badme skirmish, the two States have traversed a long way to create practical miracle. It seems that ‘nothing is impossible’ if the right challenge is utilized.
    In any case, one can only hope that the nineteen concluding words enunciated by Eritrea’s Ambassador to Ethiopia will not go with the dusty wind of near by Sahara Desert but come to fruition between the two historically brotherly States. Amen, Inshalah.

    Eritrean Independence Day Celebrated in Eritrea’s Embassy in Addis Ababa.
    Eritrea Ethiopia’s sworn enemy, A dedicated Ethiopian people haters and its trained solders are allowed to wonder freely in Ethiopia’s Capital thanks to this Oromo bastard and his murderer Mentor Il DuceIslamist Dawod Ibssa.
    Eritreans, they mudered our people and waiting to see Ethiopia burn and ready to plant explosives in the hear of Addis Ababa and all over Ethiopian towns with their Latin Il Duce Ibsa’s OLF Oromo Allies.
    Abie you are a traitor.
    I am A proud Galla, that means Ethiopian, like the late General Teferi Benti, and abdissa Aga.
    Gallas are Ethiopians and speaks Afan sidama. Oromos are not Ethiopians and migrated to Ethiopia with Islamists like Jawar ancestors.
    Abie you are agent of TPLF and Isaias goon. enjoy your stay in Miniik Addis for now but It wont be long We Ethiopian Gallas with other true Ethiopian citizens will chase you out of Ethiopia to your shit hall Arabia Islamist Caliphate where you belong. You so full of shit you do not want to call the name Addis Ababa a world renowned city since its creation, and playing with the coined word sheger. We Addis Ababians know your game and soon we will whip your and your mentor Il Duce Dowed Ibssa Oromo Ass with Addis Ababa grown Sama leaf.
    Be an Ethiopian and Addis Ababaian and bow to us proud Galas (Ethiopians).
    you betrayed your god father TPLF, your mentor and teacher Getachew Assafa, but we true Ethiopians never believed you and your recruited Eritrean solders you brought to Addis Ababa in the name of Refugee. we know them all we Ethioipian Galas with other fellow Ethiopians will destroy them before they full fill your dream of destroying our home land Ethiopia.
    God bless The Greater Ethiopia,
    The hell with the renegade region of Eritrea.


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