Ethiopia’s election board committee disclosed criteria for membership

Recruitment Committee for the National Election Board membership, which was named by the prime minister as per the latest legislation to reorganize election board, is poised to recruit five board members, and has announced on Tuesday criteria for it.

Meshesha Shewarega (Ph.D.) election board recruitment committee chairperson.
Photo : screenshot from EBC news video

May 21,2019

The committee had a press conference and the chair, Meshesha Shewarega, declared the nomination is open starting May 21. He said the recruitment process is competitive and transparent.

Board members must be Ethiopian citizens, understandably so. Political neutrality is another criterion and candidates to the position must not be a member of any political party.

The committee added that the candidates need to have academic background related to the works of election board including political science, law, public administration, statistics and information technology.

In terms of normative expectation, ethical behavior and discipline are included as criteria.

Unlike the practices before, Board members are now expected to be full time employees of NEBE. The public is invited to submit nomination via e-mail and telephone.

Erstwhile the number of board members used to be nine and is now reduced to five, as per amended National Election Board legislation formulated to restructure it.

Public opinion tend to favor postponement of the election partly on grounds that the national census was cancelled due to security situation in Ethiopia and partly due to perception that the election is too short in view of the existing political condition in the country.

The government of prime minister Abiy Ahmed introduced reform measures to restructure the election board. Bertukan Mideksa,former opposition politician and prisoner of conscience is in charge of National Election Board of Ethiopia.

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