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Global alliance for Ethiopia donated 31.4 million birr Gedeo IDPs

Global Alliance _ Ethiopia _ Tamagne
Photo source : ESAT

May 15, 2019

Global Alliance for Ethiopia, a not-for-profit organization based in the United States, donated on Wednesday 31 million Ethiopian birr to help ethnic Gedeos who were displaced from Guji area following what many say is targeted and organized attack from radicalized ethnic Oromo in Guji area.

The fund was raised online from Ethiopians around the world through GoFundMe plat form. The fundraising campaign came after the plights of displaced Gedeo people, including starvation, in Southern Ethiopia came to the limelight through activists.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration was criticized for the way it handled the humanitarian and security crisis for most Ethiopians believed that his government not only ignored the condition of ethnic Gedeo’s but also tried to cover up the extent of the crisis.

President of Global Alliance for Ethiopia, Tamage Beyene, handed over the cheque to World Vision. The handling in ceremony took place at Skylihgt hotel in Addis Ababa.

Nearly one million ethnic-Gedeos were displaced from their place following attacks by radicalized ethnic-Oromo groups in Guji area.

The money will be spent on returning displaced Gedeos to their places, according to a report by government-affiliated media. World Vision itself has allocated 5.7 million birr for the project to return displaced people to their place.

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  1. The Growth and Transformation plan was put by in place by the late PM Meles Zenawi to transition smoothly out of a very bad past and into a very good future without the past residue creating significant problems. According to the Growth and Transformation plan PM Meles Zenawi had strategies in place to tackle past residues . The ethnic politics and instigations were in making for decades as part of the PM Meles Zenawi’s growth and Transformation plan to mobilize people to work by displacing them out of their comfort zone and puting them in hard work investment economic activity areas, the plan of PM Meles Zenawi was to swiftly put displaced people to work at the industrial parks zones and at big mechanized farmings such as Karaturi , Saudi Star and Effort Conglomerate mechanized farming investments that were supposed to own more than half of the mechanized farms in Ethiopia by the year 2017 , if only PM Meles Zenawi was still alive everything would have went according to plan.

    Now PM Meles Zenawi is dead and since his son Senay Meles Zenawi is not being given his birth right of leading the country to continue implementing his father’s Meles Zenawi’s plan with full authority to show the country how to navigate through the Growth and Transformation process, the country is in a tough ride with unknown destination. Senay Meles Zenawi’s team need to be put in leadership positions now to save the country from itself.

  2. Who is she? The daughter of tyrant who divided the country by language and small ethnics. They also took out the people’s money to put out side when the people of Tigray got starved. The people of Tigray died for few juntas who exported people’ money for their children to get a better life


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