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Ethiopian gov.t bank robbed again as anarchy reigns in Wollega

Ethiopian Diaspora Mortgage Loan
Commercial Bank of Ethoipia
Photo : Addis Fortune

May 13,2019

As Ethiopian government and regional authorities are claiming that situation western part of Ethiopia has improved, news are emerging that gunmen robbed commercial bank of Ethiopia in the region.

According to Wazema Radio report on Friday, anarchy is reigning in Western Wollega.

The report added that the gunmen robbed 886,000 Ethiopian birr from Ayra branch of commercial bank of Ethiopia. Oromia region police did not respond, according to Wazema report, to the situation as quickly as it should.

The bank is in a close distance to the police station in the town.

In January 2019, armed groups who are believed to be militant faction of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) robbed 17 banks within a space of two days.

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  1. Unless we get confirmation that public owned financial institutions are safe no need to invest there.
    The banks got robbed by TPLF Effort conglomerate for decades, now it is being robbed by ODP-OLF coalition.

    The bank is not insured for loss that arise from being held up By OLF gunpoint or from being robbed by ODP cadres white collar crimes . Plus the foreign debt us upto the nake of Ethiopia. Diaspora might as well start paying the debt right there in the diaspora to the foreign governments in the name of Ethiopian people, rather than fall for this scam called ETHIOPIA PARTNERSHIP FORUM. (EPF)


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