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Amhara region saw massive demonstration against displacement,killings

Demonstrators condemned what they called bias within the Defense Force in terms of protecting attack against Amhara people.

Ethiopia _ Amhara_ protest

Photo credit : EBC

May 2,2019

In the latest strings of attack against ethnic Amhara, at least 18 people were killed in Benihsangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia in the western part of the country on Monday this week. Many of them were killed with arrows.

The killings came after ethnic Gumuz and Shinasha launched organized attack and the violence has been going on for three days without prompt intervention to control it.

Today, residents of many towns in Amhara regional state took to the street to demonstrate against killings and displacement of ethnic Amhara people in different parts of the country including in Benishangul Gumuz.

In Bahir Dar, residents demanded an end to killings of ethnic Amhara and for restoration of law and order by enforcing rule of law. They demanded the regional and Federal levels of government to protect the safety and security of citizens.

As well, demonstrators condemned latest displacements of ethnic Amharas in Northern Shoa, Oromo administration within the region,Raya and Kobo and Benishangul Gumuz region, among others.

“Stop killings and displacement of Amhara,” “ADP [Amhara Democratic Party] should change its character, not just its name,” “The constitution is more dangerous than expired lethal chemical,” are some of the slogans that demonstrators chanted in the streets of Bahir Dar, Amhara regional state seat.

Amhara Demonstration _ Ethiopia
“Stop killings and displacement of Amhara” among the slogans that demonstrators carried
Photo : AMMA

Similar demonstrations took place in Debre Tabor, Debre Markos, Dejen, Finote Selam, and Gondar among others.

Partial behavior of the Ethiopian Defense Force, as the protesters seem to believe, is one of the things that protesters opposed vehemently. They called on the Defense Force to protect the lives of citizens without bias against ethnic Amhara.

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  1. Gumuz and Shinasha people are blaming the Amara Engineer Simegnew Bekele and others Amaras residing in Benishangul Gumuz for the high unemployment rate and poverty the Shinasha and Gumuz ethnic people are suffering today.

    By now Shinasha and Gumuz were hoping of making themselves electricity tycoons as Arab nations are oil tycoons but that didn’t happen according to them due to what The Amara Engineer Simegnew did that resulted with the delay in Construction Project of The GERD dam.

    The Shinasha and Gumuz attackers are currently searching looking to take back the money what they claim the Amaras Engineer Simegnew stole that was supposed to be their bread and butter, only means of survival.

    Supposedly according to the Shinasha and Gumuz attackers , the Amara Engineer Simegnew stole the money put aside by the late PM Meles Zenawi for the completion of the GERD Dam Construction Project .

    Now as we speak PM Abiy is finalizing the process of selling Telecom , 13 mechanized sugar farms projects and 13 sugar factories projects because he thinks Shinasha and Gumuz might invade Amara District and attack heavily if the GERD dam construction is not completed soon.

    The Telecom and the 13 sugar projects are to be sold ASAP since supposedly Ethiopia got no money to complete the GERD dam construction project after the Amara Engineer Simegnew was said to have spent all the money that was put aside for the GERD dam construction project completion, now the only solution put on the table is to complete the GERD dam project as quick as possible at whatever cost then build two industrial zones one for Shinasha people and one for Gumuz people to please them .

  2. The ugly face of ethnic politics!! How many people should die and be displaced before Ethiopian elites realize that this ‘Satan’ (racism) will knock every family door and destroy this ancient and beautiful country? It is true that mankind is stupid, but Ethiopian elites are stunted!!! They are so blinded by ethnic politics (racism) so much that they can’t see that it is ethnic politics (racism) which the culprit of the bloodshed in their poor country. If PM Abiy has the delusion of leading a country with this archaic ethnic politics, very soon, he even would not get an intact Woreda let alone a country to lead. Ethnic politics has the potential to divide a family let alone a country!!

  3. What a big crises this country is in. everyone is thinking for himself or herself soon they might not have a country to proud of. This is very ugly there is no drought about it. I thought Ethiopian’s are very tolerant and carrying to each other. I am afraid we are going to witness another Rwanda 1994. Remember everyone is a looser in ethnic violence. The government cannot do this by themselves. Regional politicians are wiping the issue for their own advantages. May be need outside help before it is too late.
    Very concerned for Ethiopia

  4. @Nahimia
    Your fabrication is at the most laughable… to justify ethnic cleansing. I wonder what motivates you fairytale comment.

  5. National movement of Amara led by Dr. Chairman, Desalegn Chane (the game changer), started a movement threatening the chock hold the EPRDF / Amara Democratic Party had on Amara people.

    Dr. Chairman, Desalegn Chane (the game changer) has a potential to reinstate not only Amaras but all of Ethiopians, by building a concrete foundation of peace and prosperity.


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