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Ethiopia: Tipping Point (book by Ermyas Amelga)

Ermias Amelga
Ermias Alemga
(Addis Fortune)

Press Release
April 18,2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — Amelga, LLC announces Ermyas Amelga’s debut book Ethiopia: Tipping Point, available worldwide at Amazon.com.

“Ethiopia is at a critical juncture in terms of where it is heading as a political entity, an economy, and a people. The risks and the stakes have never been higher and may even rise to the level of existentialism.” – Ermyas Amelga

Written from a jail cell in Ethiopia, Ethiopia: Tipping Point, examines the current economic state of the nation and offers a glimpse into the mind of its author, Ermyas Amelga.

About the Author Ermyas Amelga is an Ethiopian economist and entrepreneur. Ermyas was born in Ethiopia and left the country in the 1970s, to pursue his education in the United States.

During his time in the States, Ermyas earned an M.B.A. degree in Finance from Boston University, an M.A. degree in International Economics from Boston University, Graduate School of Economics, and a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from Amherst College in 1980. He spent 12 years as an investment banker in the United States before he returned to Ethiopia in 1996, where he went on to open a myriad of companies including Highland Springs Mineral Water, Zemen Bank, and Access Real Estate.

Ethiopia: Tipping Point is available on Kindle on Amazon.com.

Connect :
Website: ErmyasAmelga.com
Twitter: @ErmyasAmelga
Facebook: @ErmyasAmelga
Instagram: @ErmyasAmelga

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  1. Oh, death boy!No amount of book writing about Ponzi Scheme or public relation puffery can save Obbo Ermyas Tekel Amelga from jail. He was hand in glove with Ethiopia’s ever worst enemy, Weyane. Please show his income tax of five years before he left US to his beloved country. He used to live from check to check every two weeks. One can understand if Ermyas is a Harvard MBA. Unfortunately, what does it tell the readers he got his college degrees from the same department and with the same professors in Boston College. It reflected poorly and negatively on his scholastic achievement not to mention he is a con artiest..

  2. Elias, you have not told us anything with your rants. From your writing, I feel you have it in for Ermyas. So what if he earns two degrees from the same University or for that matter the same professors. Did he do the work or did he buy his degrees? What do you mean it reflects poorly on his scholastic achievement? Does he need to go to two different universities to earn two Masters. No, Boston University(not college) is not Harvard University. Boston University (not college) is in Boston and Harvard University is in Cambridge. No,he is not going to die. He hopefully will get his day in court. Don’t be too quick to throw the towel yet. What are his charges? Oh, you seem to know about his income tax returns. Please disclose them to us. You said he used to live pay check to pay check. Unless you have facts and proof to show us, this is hearsay. From what I read, in a free market economy, I can buy and sell anything for profit. If you the buyer is willing and able to buy. I can sell your shirt off your back if the price is right.I don’t even know this guy. But from reading and listening to talk shows he attended, I believe he was in a country not ready for his Wall Street experience.He was a pioneer of diversified business interests and had to help the powers to be to write the rules and regulations as he was introducing new ideas and ways of doing business. The managers of the National Bank and Commercial Bank were scared of him. He could teach them a thing or two. Hailemariam and his cabinet audited this guy. What did they find? Ponzi Scheme? I don’t even want to inquire about your educational background or experience in life, but my friend, Ethiopia as a country can use this guys experience in the economic and financial sector. Stay tuned.

  3. Before I continue, I just want to bask in the glow of knowing I am communicating to Mr.Reader, who is one step above a cretin. In his uniformed rant he questioned my educational background. It is quite true that I am a self-made man with a degree in commen sense and understanding from University of Life. Best of all, I live for my integrity unlike Zemedenhe Nigatu, Berhanue Nega, the ex wife of a model Kassey Kebede and the termegant Dr. Elleni Zaude Gebera-amlak, among hundred others. Also, you willfully forget PM Hailemariam was a docile instrument of a sinster Weyane, Can one trust a fox to be a guard of chicken-yard? That was why he set free this criminal of the highest order Ermyas Tekel Amelga. It just rather a grand describition on your part, for such a pityful and insufferably Third rate mind.

  4. Elias, I would be very surprised with your comments if you failed to mention your education background. Go to school before opening your mouth to say anything about these people. Teach yourself to contribute at least one thing to your country before you point your stupid finger on those who at least tried. BTW you are talking about people whom you can’t even write their full name correctly. So my advise, go feed your empty mind some knowledge.

  5. I have started to read Elias’s biography and every body should to. And it wouldn’t hurt to think positive. Lies could bring companies down and tare things apart so if you have got religion and do believe in it let’s stop spreading hate speech and lies.

    Nelson Mandela was arrested, was he a bad person has he done bad things no. When he was arrested some people thought he was criminal and when he was released they began to say father of freedom.

    It wouldn’t hurt to be positive


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