Ethiopia’s new advocacy group for Addis Ababa, Balderas, held its presser

Balderas _ Addis Ababa
Photo credit : DW Amharic

April 3,2019

Addis Ababa Balader Council, a new non-state actor organized to advocate for the cause of Addis Ababa, held its press conference on Wednesday, Amharic Service of DW reported.

In its statement, the council announced that it is not claiming any power in the administration of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, and that it is working to ensure demands of the city’s resident are addressed.

As well, the group said that it will support any political party that is working to get answers for the questions by the people of Addis Ababa.

The group also aims to have representations in kebele structures.

Baladera planned its first press conference on March 30, 2019, which was supposed to take place at Ras Hotel in Addis Ababa but police dispersed journalists and invited guests claiming that “It is an order from a higher government authority.”

The following day, press secretary in the office of the Prime Minister,Nigussu Tilahun, told state media that Ras Hotel Press Conference was cancelled due to security concern which the organizers do not seem to buy.

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