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Agitu Gudeta : Goat cheese maker-an amazing story of Ethiopian immigrant in Italy

April 3, 2019

Agitu Gudeta is an Ethiopian immigrant living in the Alps mountain in Italy. She arrived in community as a refugee. She was in Italy before as a university student and has studied sociology.

In the small community of only 2000 people, she is engaged in raising goats and making goat cheese. Her story is truly fascinating and a must watch.

Video : From DW Youtube account
Cover photo : screenshot from DW video

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  1. I have been shocked that this marvelous lady has been attacked by locals, whipped up by the severe political problems in Italy. I do hope the rest of the community supports her and helps to stop this. I was so inspired by the film. Much of rural Europe is emptying out – there is a place for these fine people to come in and recover their livers and the rural economy. Nationalism is so dreadful, dangerous, and as we see here, promote violence. I am British; I see what it is doing to my country.

  2. Truly inspirational. Such a beautiful, intelligent, hard working and courageous woman. I have so much admiration for her and I wish her the best against these vile racists that are poisoning the world.
    Stay strong and remember god is on your side.


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