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President Donald Trump spoke to Abiy Ahmed on the phone

Trump _ Abiy _ Ethiopia

March 15,2019

The office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia disclosed on Friday that US president Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Abiy Ahmed.

Although the office did not say how long the conversation was, the two leaders have reportedly expressed condolences for victims of ET 302, crashed on March 10, 2018, claiming the lives of 157 people on board of the plane.

The US president ordered on Wednesday that Boeing 737 Max – 8 planes be grounded in the US after his administration admitted striking similarities of circumstances between Indonesian Lion Air plane, crashed in October 2018, and Nairobi bound Ethiopian Airlines plane ET 302 which crashed on Sunday. Both planes crashed minutes after take off.

Donald Trump, said the statement from Abiy Ahmed’s office, admired Ethiopian Airlines as a strong institution and offered technical assistance any place should Ethiopia needs it.

As well, the office of the prime minister said that the president expressed support for the reform measures that Ethiopia undertook in the past ten months.

Diplomatic relationship and cooperation between the two countries were also discussed; Donald and Abiy reaffirmed commitment to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

The United States is one of the major donors to Ethiopia and has managed to forge a strong cultural influence, among other things, over the Horn of African country which is also the second most populous country in Africa next to Nigeria.

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  1. Give us a Ethipians have too much evil bs in your far past…look at …the ethiopian art of pathological lying…

  2. That is real problem.

    And that is our problem in Eritrea with our Brothers Ethiopia.

    So i do not think,that they will change.


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