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Ethiopian Airlines grounded all B-737-8 MAX as extra-safety measures

Ethiopian Airlines _ Moscow

March 11,2019

Ethiopian Airlines announced on Monday that it has grounded all its B-737-8 MAX (ET-AVJ) planes after same plane crashed shortly after take off on Sunday killing 8 crews and 149 passengers from 135 countries.

In one of its latest press release, the airlines wrote on its website “Following the Tragic accident of ET 302/10 March B-737-8 MAX (ET-AVJ), Ethiopian Airlines has decided to ground all B-737-8 MAX fleet effective yesterday March 10, 2019 until further notice.”

It is not determined yet if the cause of the accident is linked to technical problem of the plane or if a foul play is involved in it.

On October 29, 2018, Indonesian Lion Air plane B-737-8 plunged to Java sea just minutes after take off from Jakarta killing all 189 people on board of the plane.

Aljazeera reported on Monday that China and Indonesia have also grounded all B-737-8 MAX following Nairobi bound Ethiopian Airlines plane tragic accident.

According to the report, China ordered domestic airlines in the country to ground about 100 B-737 MAX 8 planes as a safety precaution. And the China’s Civil Aviation Administration put a deadline for airlines to do so.

Boeing reportedly issued an advisory regarding operation of its B-737 MAX 8 after the tragic accidents killed hundreds of people.

Ethiopian Airlines lines has four B-737 MAX 8 and they are all grounded effective Sunday March 10,2019.

Ethiopian Airlines is the largest carrier in Africa with well over 100 destinations around the world and is also one of the safest airlines based on its 70 years of service. This year, the airline won Best African Airline of the year for the seventh time.

The airlines recently witnessed huge terminal expansion and has also inaugurated its own five star hotel just minutes away from Bole International Airway.

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