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Committee to resolve “Oromia -Addis Ababa boundary dispute”announced

Half of the eight members committee formed to resolve Addis Ababa and Oromia boundary dispute are members of ODP, a party that wants “to ensure that Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa”

Addis Ababa Dispute _ Ethiopia_

March 9,2019

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Office announced on Saturday that it has established committee to resolve dispute between Addis Ababa administration and Oromia regional State.

The decision to form the body came just days after Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), a party that is administering Oromo regional state and whose chairman the Prime Minister himself, issued a statement opposing the transfer of over 51,000 housing units in Koye Feche area in the outskirts of Addis Ababa to residents on Addis Ababa.

The committee named by the Prime Minister’s Office is intended to bring about “durable solution” regarding the dispute between Addis Ababa and Oromia region.

Abiy Ahmed’s Offices stated that the committee will work based on “studies conducted before and consulting with the people.”

The Committee is composed of eight members and Addis Ababa City’s controversial acting Mayor, Takele Uma, a member and executive Committee member of ODP, is included in the committee.

Overall, 50 % of the committee members are members of ODP and high ranking government officials in Oromia regional state and Addis Ababa city administration,and ODP as a party, in its latest statement, vowed that it will make sure Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa is accepted.

The housing units the transfers of which to residents of Adddis Ababa was opposed by ODP were built by Addis Ababa city administration and residents have been saving for the housing units for more than a decade.

Below is list of members of the committee:

1. Muferiat Kamil – Minister for Peace (Chairperson of the committee)
2. Teyba Hassen – Vice president of Oromo regional state (member)
3. Ahmed Tusa – Oromo regional state urban development coordinator (member)
4. Girma Amente (Dr.) – Oromia regional state rural development coordinator (member)
5. Takele Uma – Addis Ababa City Mayor and member of ODP central committee (member)
6. Endawok Abete – Addis Ababa City social cluster coordinator (member)
7. Solomon Kidane – Addis Ababa City economic cluster coordinator (member)
8. Tesfaye Beljige – Adviser to Addis Ababa Mayor

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  1. Even though I don’t believe there is a genuine issue except making sure the farmers should have sufficient compensation to make sure their future and the future of their descendants is secured. The combination is not right there are five oromos and this will be an ammunition to those who wish to distablize the country. We should have people from Somalia and other minority groups


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