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One Ethiopian Air Force trainee died of food poison, 270 in hospital

Ethiopian Air Force _ food poison

March 6,2019

Food poison within the Ethiopian Air Force training academy killed one person and 270 others are in hospital due to similar case, Ethiopian local Amharic newspaper, The Ethiopian Reporter, reported on Wednesday.

The source cited what it called credible sources to report that several cadets who were having lunch in the training center on March 1, 2019 collapsed in the students’ lounge.

More than 260 were hospitalized at the Air Force hospital near Bishoftu (also known as Debre Zeit).

The report also added that those who are affected, aircraft maintenance and management department trainees, are discharged from the hospital.

Cause of the food poison is not yet established. Microbiologists from Pasteur Institute have been to the Ethiopian Air Force cadet’s lounge to take sample of the food that left one person dead and more than 260 people sick.

Their findings is expected to give clue if there was a foul play in it or caused by bacteria, according to The Reporter’s report.

On the other hand, advisor to Air Force Chief Commander, Colonel Bahsa Degefa, dismissed the news. He is quoted as saying “no one is sick or dead.”

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  1. Moonshine poisoning disguised as food poisoning is common in the Ethiopian society mostly among the youth, in colleges and other training facilities people drink moonshine.

    Many hospitals donot disclose moonshine poisoning as the reason they just say it was food poisoning . Even the sick doesnot disclose they are moonshine consumer most times the sick claim they just ate bad food even though they know they consumed moonshine prior to getting ill.
    Many hide about moonshine to cover the family and their own “reputation”.
    Traditional moonshine is part of Ethiopian history but nowadays many of the moonshine in market are low quality and dangerous than ever.


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