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Ethiopia’s Karamara victory over invading Somalia commemorated

Karamara  victory _ Ethiopia _ Somalia
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March 5,2019

The 41st anniversary of karamara victory is commemorated. March 5, 1978 marked the victory of Ethiopian army over the invading Somalian army during the administration of Siad Barre.

A group of young Ethiopians celebrated it in the capital Addis Ababa at Dilachin Statue near Tikur Anbessa Hospital, according to borkena sources from Addis Ababa.

Siad Barre decided to invade Ethiopia with the calculation that Ethiopia was weakened during the time due to internal problems.

During the war United States supported Siad Barre’s government while the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republic withdrew help to Somalia.

As it turned out, Somalia’s invasion of Ethiopia, up to 700 kilometers inside Ethiopia was under the occupation of the then Somalian troops, united Ethiopians during the early years of the Ethiopian revolution which toppled the imperial government of Haileselassie I.

More than three hundred thousand militia forces were raised in a short time which was very crucial for Ethiopian victory.

As well, tens of thousands of Cuban troops fought along side Ethiopian soldiers and many have lost their lives.

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  1. I like it too!
    Somewhere, I commented here at borkena about “meaningful” names. In the place where I live, my favorite delightful conversation (with pride) is about our names — and it never fails to fascinate my audience of one or two of non-Africans, especially the ‘Caucasian race’. Yes, we are endowed with the philosophical wisdom of our elders [ancient history] but, alas, we are completely conquered and brain-washed to mimic our colonizers of our mentality and territory….. I better STOP.
    Thanks for the free space to spit my feelings from to time. rezen

  2. Please also Try to Mention some heroes that had fought in the Battle of Karamara for Example Then Colonel at the time, who was Executed by the DERG B Gen Dessalegn Abebe who was one of the generals who orchestrated the Coup Detat attempt of May 16, 1989. But was the one who led the attack Against The Somali Invasion leading the 10th army Division against the Somali in the battle of Karamara and Placing The Ethiopian Flag, of course with the help of the Cuban Mechanized Birged.


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