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Ethiopia celebrated 123rd Adwa Victory anniversary

Ethiopia celebrated today 123rd anniversary of Adwa Victory, an important undertaking in the country’s history and is seen as a symbol of unity over national interest and sovereignty. It is celebrated at a time when the survival of Ethiopia is in question due to outlandish tribal politics.

Adwa Victory _ Addis Ababa _Ethiopia
Adwa Victory Celebration near St. Ghiorghis church in Addis Ababa
Credit: EBC

March 2,2019

The 123rd anniversary of Adwa victory is celebrated across the country on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

On March 2, 1896, the invading Italian colonial army suffered a blowing defeat at the battle of Adwa, in northern Ethiopia. The political meaning of the decisive military victory over the Italian colonial army was that Ethiopia not only managed to maintain its independence but also inspired other African countries to continue the struggle against colonialism.

Unlike the past 27 years, the anniversary of Adwa victory is celebrated colorfully in different parts of the country.

In the capital Addis Ababa, hundreds of thousands of residents celebrated the day in front of Emperor Menelik II’s statue near St. Ghiorghis Church in the heart of the city.

Decorated with their medals, Ethiopian patriots command the attention of Addis Ababans who were at Ghiorgis. Acting Mayor, Takele Uma and other government authorities have also attended the ceremony; this too is a unique experience in the history of the ruling coalition, EPRDF.

“Adwa victory is a victory for which all Ethiopians sacrificed to maintain the dignity of our country and it is a shining victory for all black people,” said Takele Uma in his speech during the celebration ceremony.

He also said that a huge statue will be erected in Addis Ababa to honor all those who paid sacrifices and honor them eternally.

The 123rd anniversary of Adwa Victory is also celebrated in Adwa, northern Ethiopia, where the battle took place.

President Sahlework Zewde, Debretsion Gebremichael (acting president of Tigray region), Hirut Kasaw (Minister for culture and tourism) and Keriya Ibrahim, among other government officials, have attended the celebration ceremony in Adwa.

The president expressed her best wishes for the holiday. “The victory that is achieved 123 years ago still echoes in the world,” she said.

She also called for all Ethiopians to do their part to ensure that we are passing to the next generation a stable country that can accommodate all Ethiopians.

Debretison focused on the lessons of the battle of Adwa in his speech and mentioned the treaty of Wuchale which caused the battle of Adwa. He said, “Agreements with foreign countries need to be handled with care for it could cause war.”

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  1. Dear friends:
    Thank you for your tireless contribution in raising consciousness. Happy Adawa Day!I The historical victory of the Battle of Adwa led by Emperor Menilik took place in “1896”. Please make the correction to the following sentence “On March 2, 1986, the invading Italian colonial army suffered a blowing defeat at the battle of Adwa, in northern Ethiopia”.It must have been a typo. Keep up the great job. Tsigereda


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