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Stray bullet from a family member killed Bride during her wedding

bride _ Gonder _ Stray bullet
Photo : SM

February 25,2019

A bride is reportedly killed on Sunday during her wedding day in Gonder, Western Ethiopia.

She was killed in Azezo Tena, Gonder Zone, North Western Ethiopia, according to a report by Amhara Mass Media Agency(AMMA)

It was a family member who fired the shot that killed the bride. The intention was to celebrate her big day, as in the tradition of the region.

Gonder town Administration and security affairs department representative deputy, Gebreyesus Wondimu,reportedly told AMMA that a police investigation team is sent to the region.

The report did not disclose the identity of the bride who is killed by Stray bullet

He related incident to mishandling and misuse of fire arms, and violations of fire arms legislation.

Accidental killings of during celebration has become a problem in Ethiopia.

Killings from Stray Stray bullet is becoming a problem in the country. On February 11, a singer,Dadhi Gelan, was killed in a stage he was performing for the inaugural of a new hotel in Ashufe town, in Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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