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Security improved in central Gonder zones, says the region’s police commission

The security situation in central Gonder Zones, in North Western Ethiopia, is improving, says the region’s security authorities. Seemingly, not entirely under control.

Zelalem LIjalem _ Ethiopia _ Gonder
Amhara Region Police Commissioner, Zelalem Lijalem
Photo credit : AMMA

February 25,2019

Amhara Regional State Police Commission says relative calm is restored in central Gonder Zones.

A report by state affiliated FanaBC cited the region’s police commissioner, Zelalem Lijalem, to report that central and western Gonder zones have now relative peace following a coordinated work by the region’s security and the Defense Force deployed to the region to control problems related to security.

About eleven suspects are in custody in connection with the latest string of violence in Gonder regions mentinoed above which claimed dozens of lives and destroyed at least two kebeles.

Zelalem Lijalem says number of killings, destruction of property and displacement of residents have now decreased, which implies that there is the security issue affecting the region.

Transport service from Gondar to Metema and Humera is resumed.

On February 17, Amhara regional police commission and 33rd defense force division, deployed to the region about two weeks ago, introduced new regulation that restricts people in the region from carrying fire arms within 5 kilometers radius of the road between Gondar and Metema.

And authorities seem to believe that the regulation has helped improve security situation the region.

On the other hand, the situation had given rise to a rumor that is affecting legal gun owners in the region. Zelalem Lijalem sees it as an effort to incite violence and weaken the region. “The rumor about disarming gun owners is far from truth and is intended to incite violence and weaken the region. Communities need not be tricked by fabricated rumors,” said Zelalem, as reported by Amhra Mass Media Agency (AMMA).

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