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“Addis Ababa belongs to its residents, Ethiopians”says Amhara Democratic Party

Migbaru Kebede _ Amhara Democratic Party
Migbaru Kebede
Photo credit : AMMA

February 24,2019

As Ethiopians are expressing concern over radical Oromo-Nationalists claim of ownership right as it relates to Addis Ababa, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), one of the four parties that constitute the ruling coalition, EPRDF, is making what it called its firm stand over the matter.

In a meeting it held with its supporters in the capital Addis Ababa, ADP’s central committee office head, Migbaru Kebede, says “Addis Ababa belongs to its residents and is Ethiopia’s capital. It does not belong to anyone else,” as reported by Amhara Regional State media – AMMA.

For Migbaru Kebede, and he is speaking on behalf of his party – ADP, the issue to make Addis Ababa a controversial political agenda is a plot by those who oppose the ongoing change in the country.

“ADP’s stand is firm on the issue of Addis Ababa,” Migbaru added.

He also said, “If there are individuals and/or authorities causing a problem in that regard, which is something which will be resolved in coordination with concerned government body.”

Addis Ababa City Administration’s Deputy Mayor, and Trade and Industry Office head, Endawok Abite, who was apparently attending the meeting, on his part said, “Addis Ababa has its own structure and administration. It is Ethiopia’s and Africa’s capital…”

Members of ADP living Addis Ababa affirmed during the meeting that they will work to defend the interest and rights of ethnic Amharas living in the capital.

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