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Seye Abraha’s remark about his appearance at TPLF anniversary and the situation in Ethiopia

February 19,2019

Seye Abraham attended the 44th anniversary of TPLF in Mekelle, invited by the business community as he said.

“Despite we have inflicted wounds to each other, we have common history,” Seye added explaining his feelings about the party that purged him more than 18 years ago and about the leaders of the party. Yet, he was clear that what has happened need to be glossed over.

Following internal division with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the year 2000, Seye Abraha was purged from the party and was thrown to jail along with his siblings on alleged charges of corruption. When the federal court judge cleared him from charges of corruption, the late Meles Zenawi mobilized parliament to enact a new law in order to throw Siye Abraha back to prison.

He has also remarked about Ethiopian politics and he advised his former TPLF that things need not be taken out of proportion.

He believes that there is “untapped positive attitude towards the people of Tigray.”

Watch his brief remark below (it is in Amharic)

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  1. These robbers have eaten so much food that they belch in the camera. Some of them have paid for it in unenviable ways – scum like siye should continue their consumptive lives in the US and leave the people of Ethiopia alone. Please do.


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