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Over 1000 Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) troops to be rehabilitated

Oromo Region Communication Head _ Ethiopia
Admasu Damtew, Oromo Regional State Communications Affairs Head
Photo : FBC

February 14,2019

After months of wrangling over disarming Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) combatants, the regional government now says that it has managed to disarm over 1000 combatants following mediation effort by traditional spiritual leaders – Abba Geda.

A report by FBC said that people and regional security forces have worked in coordination to disarm OLF soldiers who have been resisting to do so for many months now.

Consequently, the disarmed combatants have entered designated camp for rehabilitation and training in integrating to the society.

Admassu Damtew, Oromia Regional State Communication Affairs head, said that the security situation in the region is now improved. Government and other services that were interrupted due to security problem in parts of the region have resumed; schools are reopened.

Dawud Ibsa, leader of the militant faction of OLF, has been accusing government that it has failed to honour agreements made in Asmara.

The government on its part has been saying that it made call to armed opposition groups to return to the country, carry on political struggle peacefully and there was no special arrangement with OLF.

Groups reportedly linked to Dawud Ibsa’s faction robbed 17 bank branches in the space of two days, last month, in Wollega region of Ethiopia.

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