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Government arrested 138 over crime in North Western Ethiopia

February 14,2019

AMMA _ Ethiopia _
Some of the weapons seized
Photo : AMMA
138 individuals are arrested in connection with violence in Western Gonder region, in Western Ethiopia, according to a report by state media – EBC.

37 are linked to homicide while the remaining 101 are suspected with theft and other crimes.

33 Division of the Defense Force posted in the region following the violence is involved in the arrest of the suspects, and it has confirmed that 138 individuals are arrested.

Lt. Colonel Angesom Araya, commander of 1st Brigade and 1st regiment, confirmed that weapons, individual assault rifles and mortars, are seized from residences of individuals in Metema Yohannes town, as reported by EBC. Hand guns, grenades, and defense force uniforms are also seized.

Some of the weapons recovered are only used during conventional war, or otherwise, and are meant to be available only to the Defense Force. Colonel Angesom is cited as saying that there is still weaponry that is believed to be in the hands of individuals engaged orchestrating violence in the region.

In addition, counterfeit Ethiopian birr, drugs, megaphone and several documents are reportedly seized from suspects.

Security officials of Amhara regional state said last week that the last week’s skirmishes in central Gonder region are proxy ones and forces engaged in orchestrating them are armed and financed by TPLF.

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